Their arrogant ways kept him at arm's length from devotion to what Krivvin saw as a different form of hedonism. It was even at his prompting that they had successfully fought off the forces of the orks. And by the Emperor did she reveled in it, this was the Emperor… The situation grew more and more bleak by the day. In the midst of the chaos, the eldar outcast was of little note. On this feral world, there was rumor of a hidden eldar altar that housed a great artifact known as the phoenix wings - an informal term coined by Krivvin's informant. Near the devastation was an imperial guard fort. He could not know for sure, so he chose to remain silent and hidden amongst them. When chaos attacked, he was again in the middle of combat, fighting to save others at peril to himself. One of them, bearing a bolter that was blessed to never fail, stepped forward to execute the kneeling eldar in the name of the emperor. With massive weapons and invincible armor, the emperor of mankind's greatest warriors tore apart the treacherous cultists with little effort. The radical inquisitor chose to enlist Krivvin as a member of his retinue. Any future Nimethvin generation from that day have been born into the threat that is their final fate should anyone lose the sanctuary of a spirit stone. Neither side was willing to give up ground. Alone in the darkness, Krivvin sat as he awaited what he thought would be his end. Amongst these new faces hid a new threat that risked to undo the world once more. The Emperor protects us in myriad ways. Unfortunately, it was not his fate to be born with such luck. Offering gratitude for his time amongst mankind, having learned to appreciate man more than eldar. As the inquisitor and his retinue began their investigation, their attention was brought to the eldar kept in lock-up. With that in mind, he left behind his xenos gear, weaponry, and armor in the care of his informant and, at this point, benefactor. But, this same ork band had trouble finding purchase against the inhumanly agile eldar warrior. He regarded the Nimethvin as an overly polite and aloof society that held itself at length from emotion. For quotes made by, or about, members of the Adepta Sororitas, see the dedicated article. One of the chief methods the Emperor has of protecting his chosen peoples are the Battle Brothers known to so many around the Galaxy. Not for one moment. Dare they question the will of the emperor? Undeterred, the crusader pushed onward. Screams followed as the daemon tore into the unsuspecting guardsmen. In a split second, an awe-inspiring sensation flooded the room. Val let slip a prayer to the Emperor as she raked the bolter across another line of cultists, each heavy thump sent a wave of pressure through her body as the heavy round soared through the air and caused the death of one more filthy Heretic. With the resounding roar of chainswords, Krivvin joined the fray. Shrouded in a heavily obfuscating cloak, he stared daggers at the orks. The inquisitor spoke suddenly, "That's enough." This time, aid was sent. The price of victory was more loss, even a few of the space marines. Many men lost their lives. Krivvin ended up seeking the life of the the outcast, rebelling against a society that he loathed. If he would, he wished that he had been born amongst the empire to serve the god emperor. These legendary warriors were beyond their comprehension. He knew the stories of what happens to an eldar that dies. Was this xenos under the protection of the emperor of mankind? He had much promise as an aspect warrior, though he had problems with anger and rage. The journey generally takes around nine years, once the pilgrim has safely reached Ophelia VII, for He will lead you into the light of the future, I am asking for souls. A moment of silence settled in before the chittering madness began. It was the uncanny success of the feral world against the ork that drew some attention from the imperium. His soul would be drawn in by She Who Thirsts to be consumed completely. Before an ultimate decision was made by the squad captain, a communique drew the attention of the captain away. Yet of all the men of Earth at least one servant had the faith to say In The Emperor's Name Enough! What was protecting this world that would have been the ruin of two worlds? It was enough to falter the entire squad from their decision. Amused, the inquisitor spoke, "The emperor protects. Prayer Of Emperor's Light. Executing as much of the host as they could. This article collects famous quotes made about the Imperial creed, and quotes made by members of the Ecclesiarchy. Marching out of the drop pod, it was like watching divinity. Yet, the emperor warned about the threat of idleness. I like that." Attention drawn by listening to the communique. It now was even capable of providing an abundance of resources to the collection ship. The day had been won! As the siege held, the imperial fort slowly but surely lost more and more of its resources to the unending mass of attacks from the entrenched ork horde. The following are the thoughts of a Nimethvin eldar youth, Krivvin of Rumrua. This misstep broke the illusion that would have consumed the world until it was too late. Yet, the loyal forces were unable to uproot the presence of chaos from the Fort. With impossible speed and deftness, the chainswords rip and tore through many greenskin threats, bullets whizzing around Krivvin. As the battle cleared and the dust settled, the nob and Krivvin squared off. Krivvin made a statement that many had never dared to imagine, "We need to strike into their heart and burn them out. Another siege ensued. Due to the bravery of many, the siege was finally at an end. Coordinating with the imperial forces, Krivvin spearheaded charge after charge, helping to pushing back the greenskins! In a split second, an awe-inspiring sensation flooded the room. Sabbat Martyr (Novel) [Needs Citation] "Hold Fast!" With a war band of troops supporting him, they launched a daring strike into the heart of the small horde.