It is strongly recommended that all users with FoxFi install PdaNet+ 5.x and take advantage of the new "WiFi Direct Hotspot" feature! Purchase Connectify Hotspot PRO or MAX from the Connectify website. Step 2. Use the Internet to Share drop-down menu to select the PdaNet … It says "connected, no internet". (Solved) As of a few days ago, I can connect my phone (galaxy s8) to my tablet (tab s4) but can't access the internet from the tab. While there is a free trial version of Connectify Hotspot, sharing 3G/4G or Ethernet connections as WiFi is only available in the PRO and MAX versions. To do this, open the PDANet+ app and put a check on WiFi Direct Hotspot (new!). Also, you cant change network name/password to your own likings. 4. How is the WiFi Direct Hotspot (PdaNet 5.0 or later) different from WiFi Hotspot (FoxFi) in previous versions? Open your PdaNet and press on at Wifi Direct Hotspot 2. After updating PdaNet+, if computer shows a red "x" on hotspot or you get error "Settings saved on this computer for the network do not match", just rename the hotspot on the phone side and activate FoxFi again to solve this issue. Press “Use” on Proxy Address 5. Step 1. Make sure the "hide tether usage" option box is checked. You can activate "WiFi Direct Hotspot" in PdaNet+ then tap the "Help!" 3. In PS4, scan the network name, once you found it, enter its password. This is because the new version of FoxFi uses WPA2 instead of WPA and the computer side has a bad entry cached. It will give you the SSID & password information. Step 2: Download and install PDANet Desktop for PC in order to use PDANet+. button for detail instructions. Step 1 : Launch PDANet+ on your Android. 1. The newest version of PDAnet (5.10.5) has a new option called "Wifi Direct Hotspot". It will display the name of the network and its password. Currently using it right now and getting 700KB-1MB download from my computer. You can go to download the PDANet Desktop for PC. Anyone else having trouble with PdaNet WiFi direct tethering?