Board member Nolan Kawano, during the human resources subcommittee, questioned boosting supervisory-level pay considering the average teacher pay in Hawaii. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. They’re navigating this terrain amid an alarming surge of COVID-19 cases in most regions of the country right now; the death toll in the U.S. has surpassed 250,000. At Civil Beat, we have never been more thankful for readers like you. Teacher salaries in Hawaii, while not ranked last in the nation, drop close to or at the bottom of the rung nationally, when adjusted for the state’s high cost of living. Civil Beat ® is a registered trademark of Honolulu Civil Beat Inc. Stay Up To Date On The Coronavirus And Other Hawaii Issues. Back in August, when the Hawaii Department of Education was struggling to offer clear, consistent reopening guidance at the start of the school year, it was principals who often had to trust their gut on whether it was safe to reopen school doors or conduct that risk analysis on their own. Telephone: (808) 529-4747. People Are Moving To Hawaii To Escape Virus Hotspots. It would have to be approved by the Legislature. Read more. You're reading a premium story. Best of Hawaii; Community. There are five complex area superintendents who currently make under $135,000, while 49 principals within the public school system make more than that, Cindy Covell, DOE assistant superintendent in charge of talent management, said. Alabama's state education superintendent says preliminary reports indicate that more than 5,000 students haven't shown up for any sort of classes, virtual or in-person. | 73.598°. Check the boxes for emails you'd like to receive. “Maybe you can chat a little bit, make new friends, and commiserate about all of the things that have been happening over these past few months.”. By STEPHANIE SALMONS Hawaii Tribune-Herald | Sunday, February 23, 2020, 12:05 a.m. Share this story. The average salary for a principal in Hawaii is $147,000, while the median assistant superintendent salary in the U.S. is $150,000, she said in response to a question from board member Ken Uemura on how the DOE arrived at the new $145,000 figure for CAS base pay. Although it’s standard for a DOE principal to be promoted to serve as a CAS or assistant superintendent — as is the case with current assistant superintendents Donna Lum Kagawa, Rodney Luke and Heidi Armstrong — it’s also not uncommon for a principal in Hawaii to move to a complex area superintendent role but return to a principal role. Inbox overcrowded? The Hawaii State Teachers Association is the exclusive representative of 13,700 public school teachers statewide. For the second phase, the DOE is seeking funding for an “experimental modernization project” to address equity and compression in teacher salaries. You can reach her at, Sorry. “It’s a bold move, as Dr. Kishimoto said,” but Kanehailua said it’s one that needs to happen, especially when thinking about “our most vulnerable learners,” who are at a disadvantage when in a classroom without licensed or qualified teachers.

Local support for teacher pay raise. Don't worry, you can unsubscribe or update your preferences at any time. Brian Hallett, chief financial officer and assistant superintendent for the Office of Fiscal Services said in an email to the Tribune-Herald that the DOE is seeking legislative support amounting to $10.2 million for the current fiscal year and $30.7 million for the next fiscal year to address the pay differentials.

Inbox overcrowded? He asked fellow members to defer action on approving superintendent pay raises until the board has a better understanding of how those pay adjustments will help promote a higher rate of teacher retention — a perennial challenge for the DOE. There is also a “Principals Helping Principals” website that’s been established to serve as an online forum. Will They Stay? And while the Hilo-Waiakea Complex Area doesn’t have a hard-to-fill designation, “that’s still an issue for our island,” she said. Pay differentials are set to take effect Jan. 7, officials said. Police in southwestern Idaho say two officers responding to a report of a drunk driver opened fire after the driver attempted to evade arrest and struck an officer with her vehicle.