He lived with Catherine Worlée, born in India and married there to Charles Grand. Talleyrand promptly became the champion of the small countries and demanded admission into the ranks of the decision-making process. Waldecks novel, Kurtz, Harold. In 1806, he was made Sovereign Prince of Benevento (or Bénévent), a former papal fief in southern Italy. While serving as a high level negotiator at the Congress of Vienna (1814-1815), Talleyrand entered into an arrangement with Dorothea von Biron, the wife of his nephew, the Duke of Dino. As a further safety measure, he wore fourteen cotton nightcaps at once, held together by 'a sort of tiara'. Potocka-Wąsowiczowa, Anna z Tyszkiewiczów (1965). The first option would have kept Prussia farther away from France, but would have needed much more opposition as well. Shortly after, he separated from Catherine. Such sentiment is best expressed in his famous quip: "Celui qui n'a pas vécu au dix-huitième siècle avant la Révolution ne connaît pas la douceur de vivre et ne peut imaginer ce qu'il peut y avoir de bonheur dans la vie. Typically of Talleyrand, it is hard to determine where his principles met his pecuniary interests.

The four powers admitted France and Spain to the decision-making backrooms of the conference after a good deal of diplomatic maneuvering by Talleyrand, who had the support of the Spanish representative, Pedro Gómez Labrador, Marquis of Labrador. [32], Arms of Talleyrand under the Napoleonic Empire, Arms of Talleyrand under the Bourbon Restoration, Talleyrand's orthopedic shoe, now in the Château de Valençay, Inscription at the Hôtel de Saint-Florentin [fr], Empire style state bed (lit de parade) made for Talleyrand, c. 1805. Later, his bedroom became the center of government in the provisional government. The newspaper was run by his personal friend Adolphe Thiers, alongside Armand Carrel, François Mignet and Stendhal, its first issue appeared on 3 January 1830. That's it. I shall be delighted, if the information I have to give be of any use to you." Talleyrand is an offstage but influential character near the end of, He is a supporting character in the BBC Books, "Talleyrand" is the pen-name of a satirical columnist in, Sacha Guitry played Talleyrand in his 1948 film, Talleyrand was played by John Malkovich in the TV mini-series. It was due in part to his skills that the terms of the treaty were remarkably lenient towards France. For example, during the German Mediatisation, the consolidation of the small German states, a number of German rulers and elites paid him to save their possessions or enlarge their territories. Four possible children of his have been identified: Charles Joseph, comte de Flahaut, generally accepted to be an illegitimate son of Talleyrand; the painter Eugène Delacroix, once rumoured to be Talleyrand's son, though this is doubted by historians who have examined the issue (for example, Léon Noël, French ambassador); the "Mysterious Charlotte", possibly his daughter by his future wife, Catherine Worlée Grand; and Pauline, ostensibly the daughter of the Duke and Duchess Dino. ", Louis S. Greenbaum, "Talleyrand as Agent-General of the Clergy of France: A Study in Comparative Influence. In this role, he strove to reinforce the legitimacy of Louis-Philippe's regime, and proposed a partition plan for the newly independent Belgium. [13] Years later, Talleyrand refused Burr the same hospitality (Burr had killed Talleyrand's friend, Alexander Hamilton, in a duel).[14]. [1] Atualmente, seus restos mortais estão na cidade de Valençay, interior da França. (1973). Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord: Mémoires du Prince de Talleyrand: La Confession de Talleyrand, V. 1-5 Chapter: La jeunesse - Le cercle de Madame du Barry.