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A robust Benefits Realization Management (BRM) focus starts with crafting benefits statements that speak to why project-based results are needed. 258 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<0E53C7592B15E546A9B93A25A0F99B2C><547524508BD9AA449E5C15AFB0AD986A>]/Index[242 25]/Info 241 0 R/Length 84/Prev 576033/Root 243 0 R/Size 267/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream This practice guide provides a comprehensive look at the topic of benefits realization in of portfolio, program, and project management. He is careful throughout to relate the process to other recognised disciplines including OGC Gateway Reviews so that you can apply the methodology to your current project or programme management strategy. Benefits Realization Management. >> Over five editions, Gower Handbook of Project Management has become the definitive desk reference for project management practitioners. 0000009733 00000 n >> This invaluable resource: Provides practical advice and actionable tools for effectively managing innovation projects Offers value-based project management metrics and guidance on how to establish a metrics management program Shares exclusive insights from project managers at world-class organizations such as Airbus, Boeing, Hitachi, IBM, and Siemens on how they manage innovation projects Explores a variety of types of innovation including co-creation, value-driven, agile, open versus closed, and more Instructors have access to PowerPoint lecture slides by c, "Considerable change has transpired in the years since the first edition of this book was published, yet the paradox remains - investments in IT-enabled business change are still not being consistently translated into business value. /F4 15 0 R The first edition of Gerald Bradley's Benefit Realisation Management quickly established itself as the definitive, practical guide to using measures to track performance throughout the life of a project or programme, enabling organisations to eliminate wasted investment, realise more benefits and realise them earlier. c(J���}�����%\S�C�7Uh9����F+ �4Ć"LpAa����oq�� >�d�St�i���%6'�ѰJ���! 395 0 obj<>stream endobj H��WM�G�ϯ��t�lW7�AH��9���uBV�86���^U�hF��} 6��������\��������ի�߾����������F~d�m����}���g�s};��9?^�C_�5���S��Z�cJi�Ʌ��4��{v��8���޻)�n�uj����ש�~��2����! 0000002667 00000 n Gerald Bradley pioneered BRM nearly 20 years ago and his experience in applying the methodology to programmes, projects and portfolios is second to none. Drawing on the author's recent and ongoing research this book explores how to build the organizational capability to realise the strategic potential of information technology. :) Copyright © 2020 Psychology Books Download All Rights Reserved. Download full Benefits Realization Management Book or read online anytime anywhere, Available in PDF, ePub and Kindle. Benefits realization is the common thread that runs from organizational strategy through project deliverables that contribute benefits. In the recent years, Benefits Realization Management (BRM) has been increasingly applied and valued by organizations all around the world. Strategic Benefits Realization provides a practical approach to implementing benefits realization management in organizations that is aligned to PMI’sStandard for Program Management and other global standards, and is presented in the context of program and portfolio management. h�b```f``�``a`�\� Ā B@1V ���0 a��E8dO7d3Hs0NaJnx�`����!n�M��?��F��U���TX�6E���3=wM[EgGC�� �9�@b���A[�_�ڣj�k�X���]�$�N�ޖݽVf��\.��.�*~�yy���ϙ.�{'ۺ���k�׼���t@b�w&�ܮ��]�� �^����� wp@qIt0pt }�A0���``� ˃���) MN8 C0���?H��(���l���c��g�3 Click Get Books and find your favorite books in the online library. In this scenario, there is a recognition that project, program and portfolio management office (PMO) functions could in many cases take some additional responsibilities that could significantly strengthen their contribution, This paper begins with an overview of some of the key practices of benefits realization management (or benefits management). endstream endobj 243 0 obj <> endobj 244 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 441.0 666.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 245 0 obj <>stream Project Management: A Benefit Realisation Approach proposes a complete framework that supports this objective – from project selection and definition, through execution, and beyond implementation of deliverables until benefits are secured. ��e�-Vs�P����ѻ3��X��M9(;��`W�^��5�������2d) ��U=>�]xT�2p��d G5�\4���dD-�Y� �)�� Benefit engineering offers a practical approach to the design and maintenance of an organisation’s project portfolio. (�U�ն/SgkW���:" Benefits realisation is the process for the identification, definition, tracking, realisation and optimisation of benefits ensuring that potential benefits arising from a programme of change are actually realised. It also addresses important considerations in organizational change management, providing insights on leveraging key principles to guide successful implementation of the business change required to realize benefits through project and program work. The Handbook gives an introduction to, and overview of, the essential knowledge required for managing projects. The benefits realisation management methodology fits closely with existing programme and project management approaches such as MSP and Prince 2, making it appropriate for both public and private sector environments. Innovation Project Management deconstructs traditional project management methods and explains why and how innovation projects should be managed differently. It builds on the foundation of benefits realization to help organizations manage value in an increasingly uncertain and real-time business environment. 0000001809 00000 n Benefi ts Realization Management 61 4.2.1 Implementing Benefi ts Realization Management Practices or Enhancing Maturity in Bene fi ts Realization Management 62 4.2.2 Developing an Enterprise Bene fi ts Realization Strategy (eBRS) 68 4.3 Key Roles and Responsibilities for Benefi ts Realization Management … The guidance offered supports effective governance and execution management to deliver business value. Benefits Realization Management Strategic Value from Portfolios, Programs, and Projects Carlos Eduardo Martins Serra Click here to order Benefits Realization Management: Strategic Value from Portfolios, Programs, and Projects In this article, I hope to provide you with a deeper understanding of these concepts. Business and project professionals can apply the author’s business-focused techniques immediately—a must read in today’s highly competitive global marketplace.” —Marc Resch, President, Resch Group, and best-selling author This desk reference offers practical guidance for program managers, portfolio managers, and business leaders in the implementation of benefits realization management in organizations.