OP - Unless you want to get a muff clone and pay a bit of $, get a Bass Big Muff @ an online retailer or @ your local music store. The bass version is a little smoother - less fizzy, imo. I prefer it on guitar to the regular nano big muff, particularly for leads. Big Muff bass mods! These Big Muff Pi’s are often employed by bass players to thicken up their sound or to give them over-the-top low end growl. A Big Muff is a Big Muff, true, but it’s the fine nuances between each model, your guitar and amp, your playing and how you set up everything that makes the magic. I think that once you realise that the Big Muff is so much more than just the pedal David Gilmour used on Comfortably Numb, a whole new world of tone and inspiration will emerge. The HPF is switchable, so basically you can kick it on for a cocked wah sound added to the Big Muff when playing guitar. It's basically the small Bass Big Muff (with bass boost switch, dry mix blend option), but with an added high pass filter that functions like a wah filter. I've heard that it is based/voiced, at least sonically, on the green russian big muff, but I have no idea if that is true, as I've never played a russian. I have both the Nano Big Muff Pi and the Nano Bass Big Muff. A child of the original Big Muff Pi, there really isn't any remote competition for bass fuzz effects when it comes to the Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff Pi. I am not a bassist but I need a question answered for my bassist and I if anyone could. The Bass Big Muff draws its roots from the legendary Sovtek battle-tank green Big Muff Pi, from the late 90’s as well as from the original Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi from the early 70’s. I feel like the GGG-tuned muff (General Guitar Gadgets) has the best mids settings that I've heard. A Bass Big Muff Pi, on the other hand, has two outputs: Effect and Clean. I Played the new Deluxe Bass Big Muff today. Plug and play, without too much fiddling to get a great sound. Simplicity is this great green pedal's finest point. You could run that first in a chain, spllit a clean signal and then go muff effected->mastodon->etc->amp and have the clean out from the muff go straight into a second amp input. Electro Harmonix are one of the best in the business when it comes to effect pedals, and really put in the effort to ensure quality in all their pedals. Legal notice: Zorg Effects - Gabriel Denneulin 5 rue François Magendie 31400 Toulouse, France Phone: +33 6 78 86 50 81 - Siret: 80834781900019 -VAT: FR 13 808347819 - … You'll cut through the mix in band setting better.