May our Heavenly Father continue to bless you, our dear friends. While my time under Elder Featherstone's leadship was not that long, it was experiential in preparing me for the remainder of my mission in Brazil and for life. Sister Featherstone came to visit me in the hospital, it meant so much to me. She is driven into the wilderness for 1,260 days. I found out he really liked raisin filled cookies so I would take some to him once in a while. I'm so grateful for the wonderful legacy he leaves for all of us. Like you say “conspiracies usually collapse” and you’re left looking to the empty sources that are often anonymous, inflammatory, and disturbing. I have thought of him and his family (Sister Featherrstone, Jill, Paul and Lawrence) often, and will be praying for Heavenly Father to give them comfort and to sustain them during this time of sorrow. Elder Featherstone gave me a beautiful written blessing as my husband was serving in Scouting...we had seven young son's and 1 daughter. According to the video, this woman is a representation of the Church and what it will endure during the seven years of tribulation. So, for instance, if you’re reading Daniel 9:24-27 as this video does—that is, prooftexting it—it doesn’t matter what the rest of Daniel 9 or Daniel 8 or Daniel 10 are about. I think Heather was just 6yrs old when she came back across the street from helping him and said Vaughn's so cute! The point is: in both those cases, the conspiracy collapsed because conspiracies usually collapse; people always talk and the truth gets out. Revelation is real, and we can gain insight but we need to be very careful with how we interpret it, and if course how or if we share it. Your parents visited my dad many times, but one I remember was at Wasatch Villa on 3300 South before his death many years ago. I’m too young to have experienced the 1960s but I imagine there were people feeling like we were near the end back then as well. It is so comforting to know that life is eternal, that death does not terminate our existence, and that the greatest joys between friends and family can be carried on beyond the grave. I was extremely fortunate to receive a blessing from Elder Featherstone. This is not to neglect a number of frankly bizarre claims the video makes. Dear Merlene and family, So sorry to hear of the passing of your husband and father. May we all continue to be blessed by his wonderful example until we meet again. That’s how we stop trusting our fellow citizens. I was emergency flown home because my body was fighting a few parasites. The second coming is imminent. Many other Christians believed that it is about the persecution of early Christians at the time it was written – around 100 AD or so. That’s how democracy fails. I do not point out Woodruff and this manual to simply say that the video is wrong and my sources are correct; rather I point them out to show that the video’s presumption that it is merely pointing out self-evidently clear interpretations of scripture and Church leaders is incorrect. I did not know this great man, but I know he raised an incredible family by knowing his son Scott and Lori his wife! Give you sweet mom, Sis Emma a big hug from me. To those of us who were in San Antonio during his ministry as the mission president, his presence there was a turning point in many of our lives; he helped us to see the beauty of the gospel and the joy of life itself. Note that Woodruff believes the following: 1) that the seals are about what will happen at the end of times, not about all of human history; and 2) that the end of times is already beginning to happen in 1884, when Woodruff gave this speech. Loved what one commenter here said about an apocalyptical event being rather too convenient. Yep, isn’t it funny how every single generation is the chosen generation? It’s overriding premise is pretty simple: every single eschatological prediction up to right…now, I really appreciate this one Matt. In reading all of the messages about Vaughn and his church assignments very little has been said about his working profession. It is just another Ouija board. Out if interest, an I the only one who believes Christ’s coming will be like the rising of the sun in the East, meaning a gradual increase in light and glory (and conversely, a gradual DECREASE in darkness, ignorance, poverty, racism, abuse, selfishness) etc? My family shared this video and absolutely loved the “warning!” [1] Of course, Church leaders did in fact engage in this sort of doublespeak in order to hide polygamy from the federal government at the turn of the twentieth century. Joe worked for us and what fun experiences that brought with him and Brent. (1 Corinthians 13:8). You both helped me so much in the Philippines when I needed it most. Our Hero...Elder Featherstone....How we will miss our friend. He is the most gentle and lovable man I have met. - Salt Lake Tribune, Alleged cartel boss arrested over slaughter of Mormon family in Mexico - New York Post, LDS Church President Russell Nelson prescribes 'healing power of gratitude' amid pandemic - Salt Lake Tribune, Keeler: How Wyoming’s Black 14 and the Mormon Church, once adversaries, became partners to fight hunger - The Denver Post. I can only think that seemed like the end of times to those who lived during that time. The video seems to want to draw this link because of the reference to stars, but that allusion is not to literal stars but to Genesis 37:9, where twelve stars in Joseph’s dream are described as the tribes of Israel. And, again, that’s how churches fragment. Unless you have evidence, leave it to the prophets. Through the years, we ran into each other and I always received one of his great bear hugs. I just had a quick text today from a cousin (Richard Miner's daughter) who said she had a dream where both her mother and my mother were taking a walk together in heaven on Mother's day. When I was in his presence i felt i was cared for and appreciated despite my short falls. I witnessed pure charity and sacrifice in action by him and through him again and again to the missionaries and the People of Texas. His teachings and example have been a beacon and a voice to me all of my life. I will miss him. God Bless you. While it is true that no man knows the day nor the hour when Christ shall come again, through my careful studying of ancient texts, I have narrowed it down to the month and the year. I was a very young Elder's President when we lived in Meridian, Idaho and part of the Boise North Stake at the time. I will always remember and look up to President Vaughn Featherstone and his family. He had the "ministering" philosophy even back in the 1970's. Not to put us on a pedestal and call out the peeps. 50+ million people dead, A-bombs, genocide, etc. He came to Logan rolled up his sleeves and dug into the broken glass, and all the stuff that was in the isles that was such a mess. Havent yet heard of this. Oh how we love the Featherstone Family!! Maybe they just want their knowledge to be superior to others. I had been in the country for 6 weeks and I got dengue fever. He was a wonderful story teller and his ability to memorize and quote long passages of scripture and wise quotations was admirable. But Wilford Woodruff, to take one example out of dozens, said this: Tremendous events await this generation. The video discusses the woman clothed with the sun in Revelation 12. What an amazing example he set by always choosing Jesus Christ no matter the circumstance. There are a lot of ways that one might read the Book of Revelation. I will always love President Featherstone as I love my parents and my Heavenly Father. May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow. To Merlene and the Featherstone family - God Bless you, and thank you for allowing so many of us to "rub shoulders" with your husband and father. Saralyn Broadbent, 2006 Provo Temple Marriage of Greg and Mimi Knell, To the Vaughn J. Featherston Family: Thank you for sharing him with all of us. This sort of story begins with an event in Revelation, then leaps to an event in Daniel, then leaps back to Revelation, then to Joel, then to Ezekiel, and so on. The video’s primary strategy is very common in the world of Second Coming prediction. We start to doubt what people are telling us in good faith. Vaughn J. Featherstone false prediction While searching for something else, I came across a letter that Featherstone had written in the early 1980s to "the Saints in the 21st Century. I was so blessed to have you seal me in the temple and give me the opportunity to be with my children forever. He was the district produce supervisor for Albertsons. After all, if we assume Daniel 9 is about the Second Coming, and it can only be understood if you put it in the context of the Book of Revelation, which would not be written for another few hundred years, then Daniel is meaningless to the people living at the time of the Book of Daniel. We love each of you, his family members. The associations and friendships have always been deeply appreciated. Our condolences goes out to the Featherstone Family. I knew even then that I was brushing up against greatness.