She was replaced in the underworld for half a year by her lover Dumuzi and half a year by Dumuzi's sister from then on. I understand. As in the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone, however, one who has sojourned in the underworld cannot just leave it so easily. In psycho-spiritual terms, Ereshkigal and Inanna are completing the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Climbing the Tree of Life – A Weekend of Ceremonial Magick, Contemporary Witchcraft – Pre-orders now being taken, COVID-19 and Responsibility of being a Public Person, Venus is associated with beauty and specifically feminine beauty. It may well be that the ‘other’ world of chaos, fighting politicians and pandemic fear will carry on alongside this new reality for some time. Learn about Inanna, Sumerian goddess of love, war, wisdom, and fertility and the patron goddess of the city-state Uruk. Rh-Negative Blood: An Exotic Bloodline or Random Mutation? My outside!’Cry also ‘Oh! There are many myths about the descent of the goddess. When I think of gods patronizing a city, I think of them introducing a new invention or defending the city from invaders. Last modified February 23, 2011. Do not let your fragrant boxwoodBe cut into wood from the woodworker. Finally Enki, the god of waters and wisdom, hears Ninshubur’s plea and rescues Inanna, using two little mourners he creates from the dirt under his fingernail. In the belief system of the Sumerians, Enki (known also as Ea by the Akkadians and Babylonians) was regarded to be one of the most important deities. As ordered by Enki, the galla respond, “We wish only the corpse that hangs from the hook on the wall” (Wolkstein and Kramer, 67) and Ereshkigal gives it to them. At times, she is portrayed as a young girl under patriarchal authority, though at others, she is depicted as an ambitious figure who seeks to expand her own sphere of influence. That sounds a little crazy, especially when you keep the Greek gods in mind. In the third blog about Eris I will show how this Dark Goddess, who really brings out the worst in people fighting for survival and competitiveness, is pushing us relentlessly towards a non-hierarchical society, kindness and sharing of resources. Contemporary Witchcraft and Magick Antipodean Style. I have come to witness the funeral rites.Let the beer of his funeral rites be poured into the cup. The Vikings’ next step out into the Atlantic – the discovery and settlement of Iceland – is one of the best documented events of the Viking Age. Her breasts were uncovered Oh! Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal He made two asexual beings and sent them to the underworld to revive Inanna. Inanna, enraged further, appears on the walls of Uruk and curses the heroes, prompting Enkidu to tear off the bull’s right thigh and hurl it at her. Oh! The Descent of Inanna (known also as ‘Inanna’s Descent to the Netherworld / Underworld’) is a piece of work in the literary corpus of ancient Mesopotamia. (Wolkstein and Kramer 58-60). What's the Difference Between Polytheism and Monotheism? flashcard set, {{courseNav.course.topics.length}} chapters | and 1900 B.C., though it has been suggested that it may have been created at an even earlier date. In this way, as, again with the myth of Demeter and Persephone, the seasons were explained. Floki and the Viking Discovery of Iceland, 3 Problems to Remember When Trying to Find Atlantis. Both a Princess and a Priestess, What Did the First Known Author Have to Share with the World. See “Workshops & Events” for more information about both events. The poems of Inanna, such as the Descent of Inanna, carry her qualities through to the ritual and ceremonies in her honor. Etruscans Transported Bees by Boat to Reach the Best Flowers! The text of the poem clearly states Inanna’s intention of journeying to the underworld to attend the funeral of her brother-in-law, specifies her sister’s displeasure at her visit, further specifies how the Annuna of the dead pass judgment against Inanna and how, after that, she is killed by Ereshkigal through the “word of wrath” and the “cry of guilt’ and a blow, after which Inanna is hung on a hook, “a rotting piece of meat.” The story continues to detail how Inanna is saved by her father-god Enki and how, finally, two people, Dumuzi and Geshtinanna, who had nothing to do with Inanna’s decision to visit the underworld, end up paying the price for it. Inanna was about to ascend from the underworldWhen the Annuna, the judges of the underworld, seized her.They said: ‘No one ascends from the underworld unmarked.If Inanna wishes to return from the underworld,She must provide someone in her place.’As Inanna ascended from the underworld,The galla, the demons of the underworld, clung to her side.The galla were demons who know no food, who know no drink,Who eat no offerings, who drink no libations,Who accept no gifts.They enjoy no lovemaking.They have no sweet children to kiss.They tear the wife from the husband’s arms,They tear the child from the father’s knees,They steal the bride from her marriage home.The demons clung to Inanna.The small galla who accompanied InannaWere like reeds the size of low picket fences.The large galla who accompanied InannaWere like reeds the size of large picket fences.The one who walked in front of Inanna was not a minister,Yet he carried a sceptre.The one who walked behind her was not a warrior,Yet he carried a mace.Ninshubur, dressed in a soiled sackcloth, Waited outside the palace gates.When she saw InannaSurrounded by the gallaShe threw herself in the dust at Inanna’s feet.The galla said: ‘Walk on Inanna,We shall take Ninshubur in your place.’Inanna cried: ‘No! The reason she went to the land of the dead is not completely clear, but she is often said to have gone to visit her sister, the queen of the underworld, Ereshkigal.