I asked Mike to answer some questions via e-mail, so check out his responses below, and keep scrolling for a slideshow of the posters. Often designers collaged text using found and incongruous type elements—haphazardly intermingling bold serif and sans serif typefaces to achieve the classic punk style. (Ed note: Cred to be used on Goth girls, perhaps?). 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Therefore, New Wave designers such as Weingart felt intuition was just as valuable as analytical skill in composition. Have you ever taken advantage of this fact? And while both punk and Swiss modernism share the same stripped down and minimal approach, their content and message were mostly polar opposites. How Punk changed Graphic Design Punkt. The comparison and exploration of certain times in which typography changed dramatically could also be an interesting topic, I could focus on the digital revolution and the industrial revolution. Mike Joyce: Good call, but you're forgetting Weezer and, gulp, No Doubt! For this post I want to share some projects I found on Pinterest that embody a bit of that style. Below the contrast between the clean structure of Modernist design and DIY style of Punk. The clean structure of Modernist design from the 1950s and 60s is a style that returned and has become pretty ubiquitous in the last decade, especially in the world of typography. And while both punk and Swiss modernism share the same stripped down and minimal approach, their content and message were mostly polar opposites. By doing this he could see what he was creating as he went along, trying out different font styles and sizes and seeing the results instantly. So what do you think of the slideshow below, readers -- genius or sacrilege? Join our newsletter and get a 10% discount code on your first order. In the ’70s graphic designers needed to commission a typesetter to create the type and they wouldn’t see what it looked like until it came back as finished copy printed out on a sheet. Mike Joyce's Posters: Where Punk Meets Swiss Design. Swiss Design rejects such attempts to replicate the crafts of a pre-industrial society and to privilege the subjectivity of the artist. Part of HuffPost Entertainment. HuffPost Arts: You include really disparate bands in this poster series: Suicidal Tendencies, The Gun Club, and The Bouncing Souls, to name a few. Wolfgang Weingart is an internationally known graphic designer and typographer. Wolfgang Weingart was the first person to question the modernist 'Swiss Style' that had slowly emerged and evolved since the early 20th Century and peaked in the 1950s and 60s. The former British Empire was dissolving and a new era in British music, fashion and design was beginning. Yes, there will always be my angry 17-year-old self burning in my soul. Its DIY ethos encapsulated the anti-establishment mood of the mid 1970s, a time of political and social turbulence. Sarah Hyndman is the founder of Type Tasting, which she launched on February 14th 2013 with an evening of ‘Typographic Swearing ’n’ Cussing’, as an antidote to the saccharine sweet commercial romance of Valentine’s Day. The band’s style of music was well represented by art student and anarchist Jamie Reid who had developed his unique collaged ‘ransom note’ typography whilst art directing a radical political magazine. Post-Modern Punks: Punk Design Emerges. A poster I designed as part of a double sided A2 broadsheet. I even designed some myself when my friends opened up for Bad Religion (I know, sounds all too pathetic in a High Fidelity kind of way). This project demonstrates a design I created for one of the A2 sides using the Swiss Punk style as a basis for my work. All rights reserved. is backordered. (A side-note from the author: Be more Punk, a call to action in 2016.). I feel that the contemporary and disorganised style of the newly named 'Swiss Punk' is similar to the way in which text is used in art. Above: 2018 T2 tea packaging, 2019 book cover, both using 1970s style typography. Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. Let us know in the comments section. The digital switch revolutionised typography, the typeface no longer had to be cast and sculpted, allowing more freedom and creativity within the text. More cred for ya. Treating type as if it was a photograph also freed him from the restrictions of typesetting within a structured grid. We’re now reaching a point where the dominance of minimalist or “app style” sans serif type is starting to wane and a new aesthetic is emerging. Swiss Punk Style The last article I posted was about what I believe is a new trend in web design. Punk design style lives on in contemporary zine culture, album cover designs and DIY poster design… And I think it's fun to see that bands like the Goo Goo Dolls started out as a messy, thrash-punk band opening up for the Dead Milkmen. Do you ever receive hate mail from die-hard punks about such weighty issues? Are all of these bands under the "punk" umbrella or are you fudging a bit? HuffPost Arts: Do you collect concert posters? The chaotic new 'punk' style that he established was about exploration and enjoyment of creating the text, the typographer was no longer a slave to the text, but the other way around. The chaotic new 'punk' style that he established was about exploration and enjoyment of creating the text, the typographer was no longer a slave to the text, but the other way around. Instead Reid cut letters out of newspapers and magazines, collaging them together to be photographed. Take a look around and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that history is repeating itself. Mike Joyce: I really hope that one day I can meet Mike Joyce (the Smith's drummer) and thank him for getting me in with all the Goth girls in high school.