Sumerians built the wheels by clamping three pieces of wood together to form disks. One game board from Ur has 20 decorated squares across 3 sections, including 5. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? Some game boards had exquisite stonework and mother-of-pearl designs. Students can now complete the activity and submit it on any device using the fillable PDF's provided!The main objective of this lesson is to have students describe various achievements made by the Sumerians Section 3- Sumerian Achievements Do Now Friday Dec. 9, 2011 Use your textbook pages 67-71 to define all of the key terms for this section. They were made of reeds and covered with animal skins. TEACHER: MAURICIO TORRES. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. They were also the firs… Uses: Mathematics was developed here around 5500 BC, as a response to their growing needs of governance. Sumerians built strong walls that stretched as far as six miles around their city-state. This reading guide was designed to be used with the Holt World History textbook (copyright 2008), Chapter 3, Section 3: Sumerian Achievements (pgs. First, students read a history page about the evolution of cuneiform in Ancient Mesopotamia. Annotated notes provided to provide background information and discussion questions/ideas. Around 2000 BC, the Sumerians were adept at working algebra-like linear, cubic, and quadratic equations. B . This organizer allows students to label different achievements of the Sumerians and connect them to real life objects. They were also the first to create fortifications, and also the first to practice siege warfare. Plows were pulled by an oxen and they broke through hard clay soil to prepare it for planting. Sumerian armies were made up of different military units. a fine person who crushed another person's arm with a club had to pay a fine of one mina of silver (about two years' salary for a lower-class person). If the person was found guilty, Sumerian laws usually specified a fine as punishment. Upload this to a google document for distance learning or it will be a great culminating project for a Meso, Objectives include: In preparation for their journey, they piled their sailboats high with farmers` extra grain and woven materials, or textiles. Sumerians believed that their knowledge of the heavens could help them predict their futures. Farmers built brick dams along the rivers that blocked some of the water from flooding. Scribes and priests participated in studying the innards of sacrificial animals, to glean knowledge of the future, which indirectly helped in accelerating other practical research. Sumerian kings were responsible for overseeing the laws for their city-states. A comprehensive review power point of the ancient Mesopotamian civilization, the Sumerians. They were also the first to use animals as labor for this purpose. They would then plant seeds in the holes they had made. Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites. Sumerians applied mathematics to many important areas of daily life. People used these early boats mostly for sailing on rivers and canals. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The above picture taken from a Sumerian cylinder seal cleary shows that they not only knew the number of bodies in the solar system, but the relative size as well. When the clay dried, the marks became a permanent record.Scribes later drew pictographs using a series of simpler lines. The light infantry wore light helmets and carried axes. I think these inventions are important because they helped human civilization evolve and they helped us … Farmers had to plow their land twice, rake it three times, beat it with hammers, and then plow it again. Many statues were detailed and lifelike. Around 4000 B.C.E., Sumerian farmers began to develop plows with stronger blades made of metal, such as copper and bronze. They also led the army. Oil the body to prevent the paste from sticking, and spread the paste onto the sick body part.". A special government group called the gagullu patrolled the canals, looking for damage and stopping farmers from taking water illegally. Experts consider this to be the ‘first known mechanical device’. This method of cultivating crops was extremely slow, and farmers needed a faster way to prepare the soil for planting seeds. The They built special temples for the Gods on the top of the ziggurats. Sumerians used multiplication tables and fractions to accurately measure their land boundaries. Sumerians also believed the Gods lived inside the towers. For example, archeologists have discovered statues of people standing straight up with their hands folded in prayer. Scholars often connect music with Sumerians' religious practices, but musicians also wrote love songs. Write a 5 sentence Scribes "capped" the end of the lines by pressing one corner of the stylus's rectangular end into the clay to create a triangle- shaped (or wedge-shaped) impression. 3 Reasons to Take the Class, Howard Zinn A People’s History of the United States, Hot Air Balloon History: From First Flight to the Modern Day, Tie Dye History: Counterculture Goes Technicolor. Warfare: Records show that the Sumerians were the first to use varied military formations, along with an infantry that was equipped with bronze weapons and armor. Crafts: They were the first to create and use a potter’s wheel, which they used to create symmetrical clay products. The irrigation system guided water from the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers to farmers' fields. However, large numbers of soldiers still died in army battles. 1144 Total Views | Powered By OnCourse Systems For Education, Archaeologists also believe that Sumerian doctors performed a kind of brain Surgery called. In Sumerian city-states, it was the government's responsibility to make sure the irrigation system was in good condition. Mesopotamia Claim & Evidence CER, History's Mysteries Distance Learning Bundle Claim & Evidence CER Google Bundle, Sumer in a Bag and Achievements of Mesopotomia Project, Graphic Organizer : Gilgamesh - Ancient Civilizations Mesopotamia, Bundle - Graphic Organizers - Important Figures of Ancient Mesopotamia, AP World History I: Ancient and Classical Civilizations Unit Exam. Read and summarize twelve Sumerian achievements Social Purpose (SP): Collaborate with a partner(s), exchanging ideas, summarizing twelve Sumerian achievements, and designing a Google Presentation on Sumerian civilization and the impact of the achievements on mankind. Main Ideas. Sumerians traded these goods in exchange for wood from Ethiopia or spices and gemstones from India. The law varied for different social classes, and although it was unfair towards the lower classes, there were provisions to protect the weak from the stronger classes. This was also probably their inspiration to create the first wheel for transportation purposes. Help your students understand the achievements of the ancient Sumerians with this engaging 27-slide PowerPoint presentation that covers the following topics:Invention of WritingAdvances and InventionsThe Arts of SumerThe fonts in this PowerPoint can be downloaded for free from:https://www.fontsquirr, Chapter 3 Section 3 Notes- Coincides with HOLT: Ancient Civilizations, This assignment is a great way to help students learn the important Sumerian Achievements as well as critically think about their purpose in the world.