72, 4175 (1968). FK51A %���� <> BAK1 OHARA - TIM (Titanate, medium-index) SUMITA - LaSF (Lanthanum dense flint) OHARA - NBH (Niobate, high-index) SUMITA - FK (Fluor crown) 61, 1191 (1971). INDEX OF REFRACTION OF SHOCK LOADED SODA-LIME GLASS, - Journal of Dynamic Behavior of Materials. Am. Impedance matching of a velocity interferometer for any reflector (VISAR) window to a material under study helps simplify a shock experiment by effectively allowing one to measure an in situ particle velocity. HIKARI - LLF (Very light flint) Opt. SCHOTT - SF (Dense flint) SUMITA - PG [Full database record], RefractiveIndex.INFO website: © 2008-2020 Mikhail Polyanskiy, refractiveindex.info database: public domain via CC0 1.0, NO GUARANTEE OF ACCURACY - Use on your own risk. LZOS - KF (Crownflint), Page SCHOTT - LF (Light flint) Poisson's Ratio: 0.22 Vogt et al. Soc. METALS OHARA - FPM (Fluorophosphate, medium-index) A series of symmetric impact experiments was performed to characterize the suitability of single crystal, (100) oriented magnesium oxide as a VISAR window material. Strain Point: 514°C/957°F, Refractive Index (l=435): 1.523 76, 5489 (1971)] up to 7 GPa. 10-6mm2/s was obtained. Soda-lime float glass for sight glass applications. CDGM - ZLAF (Dense lanthanum flint) SCHOTT - KF (Crownflint) SCHOTT - LaF (Lanthanum flint) 2016: 703 ppm Fe2O3; n,k 0.30-1.69 µm, M. Rubin. HIKARI - BaF (Barium flint) Some glass bakeware is made of soda-lime glass, as opposed to the more common borosilicate glass. Phys. 2016: 10 ppm Fe2O3; n,k 0.25-1.7 µm BARBERINI - High Index HIKARI - BaK (Barium crown) Annealing Range: 546°C/1015°F Twenty‐one soda‐silica and twenty‐one soda‐lime‐silica glasses were made in platinum crucibles and the index of refraction and chemical compositioii of each glass were determined. From the data obtained equations were derived and a diagram was prepared showing the relations between index of refraction and composition of these glasses. HIKARI - KF (Crownflint) Twenty‐one soda‐silica and twenty‐one soda‐lime‐silica glasses were made in platinum crucibles and the index of refraction and chemical compositioii of each glass were determined. SCHOTT - multiple purpose OTHER - miscellaneous materials In order for SLG to be practical as a VISAR window, the correction factor, which describes the frequency correction related to the strain dependence of the refractive index, and hence the index of refraction itself, must be characterized as a function of pressure. When compared to FS, shocked SLG is much less compressible and likely does not transform to a crystalline phase. For this purpose, we have used a Au thin film grown on glass and studied the excitation of its surface plasmon resonance (SPR) while irradiating the sample with X-rays, using a recently developed experimental setup at a synchrotron beamline [Serrano et al., Rev. Vogt et al. 29, 4056 (1990). HOYA - BaC (Barium crown) In particular, soda-lime glass (SLG) consists of approximately 71% SiO. ��D�%R����{��EE޼�~{ �D���. The authors acknowledge CNPq and FAPESP for financial support.   CDGM - BAF (Barium flint) [1] M. Garfinkel, J. Phys. CDGM - ZK (Dense crown) HOYA - TaC (Tantalum crown) stream OHARA - TPH constant state followed by weakly time-dependent response prior to stress unloading. 3 0 obj SCHOTT - BaK (Barium crown) Mirrors, microscopic slides, touch screens, filters, photomasks, glass masters, HIKARI - LaK (Lanthanum crown) The kinetics of the defect formation and fading process are also studied in real time. Modulus of Elasticity (Young's): 7.2 x 1010 Pa OHARA - SSL SF11 OHARA - BPM (Borophosphate, medium-index) OHARA - LAM (Lanthanum, medium-index) Energy Mater. 1 2 3 4 0 0.25 0.5 0.75 1 1.25 1.5 1.75 RefractiveIndex.INFO Soda lime glass Rubin 1985: Clear; n,k 0.31-4.6 µm. NSG - multiple purpose 84, 6614 (1998)] and separate study results by Gibbons and Ahrens [J. Geophys. OTHER - miscellaneous materials SUMITA - SKF ), Washigton, D. C. (1979). [TXT - tab separated] Opt. SUMITA - LaF (Lanthanum flint) (l=645)=1.513 LZOS - TK (Dense crown) LIQUIDS When grounded on their front face, SLG samples remained stable during more than 150 h of PID testing, beginning degradation after longer applications of stress. The refractive index (or index of refraction) of a medium is a measure for how much the speed of light (or other waves such as sound waves) is reduced inside the medium.For example, typical soda-lime glass has a refractive index of 1.5, which means that in glass, light travels at $ 1/1.5=0.67 $ times the speed of light in a vacuum. HIKARI - LaSF (Lanthanum dense flint) Softening Point: 726°C/1340°F SCHOTT - Obsolete glasses Optical properties of soda lime silica glasses, Sol. OHARA - PHM (Phosphate, medium-index) SUMITA - PMK Soda lime glass’s refractive index is roughly 1.5, which means only about 4% of the light that hits it is reflected. CDGM - TF (Special flint) Soda Lime Flat Float Glass Properties Soda Lime Glass, also known as Float Glass contains both Sodium and Calcium, and is formed by drawing the glass over molten tin baths. Created with Highcharts 5.0.14. OHARA - PHL (Phosphate, low-index) LZOS - LK (Light crown) SUMITA - SSK (Very dense flint) BK7 The defects responsible for these modifications are identified as non-bridging oxygen hole centers, which fade by recombination with electrons after irradiation. Marcos Gibin, Head, Centro Técnico de Elaboração do Vidro, Companhia Santa Marina, for providing us with the samples used in this paper. Soda-lime glass - Green, M. Rubin. SCHOTT - K (Crown) OHARA - TIL (Titanate, low-index) OHARA - FPL (Fluorophosphate, low-index) [CSV - comma separated]   The present data show good agreement with those of Dandekar [J. Appl. SF10 In contrast, the lower stress experiments (4.3 and 7.8 GPa) displayed an initial, In contrast to relatively pure silica glass (fused silica-FS), commercial silica-rich glasses contain significant fractions of additional oxide components.   Rubin 1985: Grey; n,k 0.32-4.6 µm GRIN profiles for different times of ion exchange (550. The glass is consisting of about 71% silica. HOYA - TaF (Tantalum flint) Fused silica (fused quartz) Differences in test methods may explain these discrepancies. The presence of both waves within the VISAR window complicates the typical VISAR window correction analysis. Thanks are due to Eng. HOYA - BaF (Barium flint) At 120 GPa, the SLG density is nearly twice its ambient value, indicating that SLG can achieve highly dense amorphous states. OHARA - APL 61, 1086 (1971). [ Links ], [2] R. H. Doremus and J. Marinsky, in Ion Exchange in Glasses (Marcel Dekker, New York, 1969) p. 5. HOYA - FEL (Extra light flint) 29, 4036 (1990). [ Links ], [8] R. K. Morh, J. The air side (facing up) is typically flatter and smoother than the tin side. HOYA - CF (Crownflint) BARBERINI - Sun Protection SUMITA - PBK HOYA - BaCD (Dense barium crown) Laser beam incident on a slab of GRIN glass. The higher stress experiments displayed a constant state prior to stress unloading. n k LogX LogY eV. Vidraria Santa Marina in S. Paulo, was used in the present work. The ion exchange method was used for inducing … HOYA - FD (Dense flint) OHARA - BAL (Barium, low-index) SCHOTT - LLF (Very light flint) Bulk Modulus: 4.3 x 1010 Pa OHARA - NBM (Niobate, medium-index) HIKARI - SF (Dense flint) endobj LightPath - BD Soda lime sheet glass is made by floating molten glass on a bed of molten tin. OHARA - FTL Refractive Index (Sodium D line) 1.523 (1 μm) 1.511 (2 μm) 1.499 Softening Point 340°F (726°C) Annealing Point 1015°F (546°C) Strain Point 957°F (514°C) Emissivity (Hemispherical) at 75°F 0.84 Dimensions SUMITA - VC Wavelength is. From impact surface measurements, a linear relationship between the apparent and true particle velocity was observed, resulting in a linear relationship between the refractive index (at 1550 nm) and density. SCHOTT - PSK (Dense phosphate crown) SUMITA - GIR SUMITA - LaFK SCHOTT - SK (Dense crown) 25, 3364 (1986). HIKARI - BK (Borosilicate crown) HOYA - LaCL (Light lanthanum crown) Soda–lime glass accounts for about 90% of manufactured glass. Above 7.5 GPa, our window correction and refractive index results show significant differences with previously published data for the same material. MAIN - simple inorganic materials 12, 275-288 (1985), [Expressions for n] MAIN - simple inorganic materials Chem. HOYA - BSC (Borosilicate crown) SUMITA - FIR Shelf Opt. Optical transmission, Dielectric Constant: @ 20°C E= 7.75 The extreme sensitivity of the SPR to the features of the glass substrate allows probing the modifications caused by the X-rays. CDGM - PK (Phosphate crown) 60, 1436 (1970). To validate this method, the nonlinear refractive indices of acetone as a liquid and soda-lime as a glass material have been measured using a 100 fs pulse duration, 80 … GLASS - glasses From the data obtained equations were derived and a diagram was prepared showing the relations between index of refraction and composition of these glasses.