That means that there is something that you, as a reader, can take part in. Uploaded first in 2009, a video of the pygmy slow loris N. pygmaeus went ‘viral,’ becoming an internet sensation. Slow Lorises live for up to 20 years when they are in captivity. Unlike the Slender Loris, which has thin and long legs, the Slow Loris has thick and short legs. Celebrity endorsement of videos showing protected wildlife increases visits to such sites, but does not educate about conservation issues. Without intervention, practitioners may unwittingly release this species, not native to Thailand, into habitats containing the native N. coucang and N. bengalensis [46] [24]. November is such an underrated month. 3). (slow loris tickle) - YouTube The very nature of a video clip going ‘viral’ means that it quickly and exponentially reaches a very large cross-section of society that would not normally view it [13]. On the 9th of February 2012, removed the ‘Tickling slow loris’ video, after nearly three years. Of those 180, 61 (34%) died despite intensive veterinary care [45]. Usually, the first thing noticed about a slow loris is its eyes. And what's behind the sudden clamoring for pet lorises? White and black accents appear on the face, and chests are usually white as well. Tel: + 44 (0) 1825 767 688 | Permanent warnings embedded in videos of threatened species would allow the public to decide for themselves to agree with videos endorsed by celebrities. in Thailand [9] and in China [8]. Indicated is the monthly proportion of commentators that indicate that they wanted a slow loris as pet and those that indicted that it is illegal to keep slow lorises as a pet and/or that slow lorises are globally threatened. Aw, just look at that little guy up there. As a first-year college student, I've been doing a lot of meeting and introducing myself to people, often with the classic format of "name, hometown, major". You can also take the time by spreading the word to your friends and family members about the torture taking the place of the Slow Loris. The second event was on the 25th of January 2012, when an Icon Films production for the BBC Natural World programme entitled Jungle Gremlins of Java aired. Table 2 includes examples of the various types of comments in each of the 11 labelled categories, and the proportion of each type of comment made. We incremented the number at the end of each URL (e.g. When we have seen the videos of the Slow Loris, we are often confronted with the image of a small primate raising its arms as it's tickled. Many commentators felt that although the video contained illegal activity, it was increasing awareness. They are attempting to deploy a defense mechanism that has lost its effectiveness for a very sad reason. Tickling them is torture. One day I scrolled through my Facebook feed only to see another video of a Slow Loris, so naturally I clicked play. As one viewer put it, “Great video. Not only does having a celebrity associated with a product increase recognition and a positive attitude towards the product [34] but market researchers have also shown that celebrities can be used to increase sales of certain psychological or social high risk products such as alcohol [35]. When threatened, it raises its arms high above its head, extracts the venom from the gland, then uses it to deliver a toxic bite. At the end of April Mr Sergeyev uploaded the video onto YouTube. For example, in 2012, pygmy slow lorises destined for use as pets in the Middle East and for use in the photo prop trade were confiscated in both Thailand and in India via Thailand [47]. Increasingly their influence on human behaviour has been studied [11],[13],[18],[29],[32]. Others encouraged their followers to get a loris as a pet. The total number of comments in both March 2011 (χ2 = 1175.0, df = 1, p<0.0001) and January (χ2 = 1359.1, df = 1, p<0.0001) was significantly higher than those made during all other months combined. I know I personally identified with said Loris based on our similar appearance and tendency to double-fist food items. My obsession with them was great while it lasted. David Handschuh/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images. Department of Software Development, Sonicated LTD, Oxford, OXON, United Kingdom, 8 Aug 2013: For more information about PLOS Subject Areas, click Before seeing this video, you didn't know what a slow loris was or the fact that it is an endangered species. Nijman V PLoS ONE 8(7): But the truth is, these videos are torture. A slow loris peeks out of a bag in which it is being weighed by vets at a sanctuary for the endangered animals. In order to make them easier to handle their teeth are clipped off with pliers or clippers, often resulting in infection and death. Illegally-traded animals routinely have their anterior teeth inhumanely clipped out by vendors, a practice that inhibits release of animals back to the wild and often results in their death [21], [22]. The big brown eyes, soft fur and slow deliberate movements of the slow loris make it cute and appealing in the eyes of a public unaware of the cruelty behind the pet trade. Funding: This project was funded in part by grants to Nekaris from the Leverhulme Trust (RPG-084,, the Cleveland Zoo Asian Seed Fund (, Dierenpark Amersfoort (, and People's Trust for Endangered Species ( And IAR, which runs the largest slow loris center in the world, has launched the Tickling Is Torture campaign to raise awareness about how these videos affect lorises like Cepat. The species likely got its name from the Dutch word loeris meaning clown. the monthly proportion of people that made the comment, with that of the monthly proportion of the total number of comments with a Kolmogorov-Smirnov two-sample test (two sample KS test). However, the proportion of commentators who stated they wanted a loris in January 2012 did significantly decrease from the average number of people who stated they wanted one during the previous six months (χ2 = 31.0, df = 1, p<0.0001). Shot in February 2009, the video was first uploaded on in the first week of February by Dmitry Sergeyev. Comedian and actress Jo Brand and naturalist, photographer and TV presenter Chris Packham are also supporting the campaign which asks the public “not to support the trade in slow lorises by ‘sharing’ or ‘liking’ images of lorises being kept as pets.” Instead it calls on people to “sign the pledge, help to expose the truth and end the suffering.”. Unfortunately, slow lorises are also slaughtered in Cambodia as a folk-cure for stomach issues, broken bones, and even sexually transmitted diseases. Nekaris KAI, They cannot successfully convey this, though, as their glands were removed alongside their teeth. Since many countries have now banned the advertising of potentially harmful products in the interest of public health, the internet has become the new mechanism of choice for advertising products such as tobacco [13]. Their fur is short and dense and is colored from grayish to light brownish to deep brown. Taylor Swift is famous for her Easter eggs on social media that hint at what is coming next for her. The hard-hitting campaign video which contains graphic footage of a loris having its teeth clipped is narrated by actor Peter Egan and also features author and TV traveller Simon Reeve. YouTube is policed by the public, and despite allowing the public to designate certain videos as ‘animal abuse,’ no option is available to viewers to designate when material depicting animals in videos is illegal. Campbell N, They are being driven to extinction and essentially tortured, thanks to some online videos that appear harmless at first. The nature of many of the comments was simply a naïve public learning what a slow loris was for the very first time. International Animal Rescue’s “Tickling is TORTURE” campaign reveals the truth behind keeping these endangered primates in captivity in order to stifle the craze for them created by online videos. Stuck on what to get the person you love the most? They employ crypsis, which is the ability to avoid being detected by other animals and predators. Perhaps the sign should say...check out” Other commentators were inspired to have the loris as a pet (4%), such as the one who wrote “Haley Williams sent me here. We report all comments as direct quotes as written and spelled by users. Thats why she is so tame and friendly!” The Russian Federation became a Party to CITES on 1 January 1992, and prior to that the Soviet Union had been a Party since 1976. Open When Letters are letters you can give to your special someone. Our Sonya was born in a loris nursery and we have bought her in a local pet-shop. The slow loris is in danger of extinction and individual people and human activity more broadly are most definitely to blame. It has become an important forum for exchange of public information [11], [15].