Choose a large area to plant your pummelo tree because it will get large. It’s the sure way to enjoy this fruit as well as giving you the ultimate access to the wide world of citrus varieties. Well-drained soil, better loamy soil, moist soil in the fruits season and better to put mulch, How to care: Design for easy to pick the fruits (when there are thorns it’s important but not all cultivars have thorns), add to the soil, organic matter, humus and fertilizer, in location with hot summer sun that the main trunk is expose to the sun better to better to whitewash (lime paint), What is the best way to start growing: Plant / Seed / Cutting / Air layering, Propagate by cutting: Propagating require: sterilize knife, sterilize soil (put the soil in microwave), soil that will keep moist like: peat soil, coconut coir or peat moss, better to do it in in temperature of 25-28C (77-82F) possible higher, high humidity, moist soil (don’t let it dry), use root growth hormone and when growing from cutting it’s important, to give humidity that will be like fog. Water your tree immediately after planting it to encourage the tree to begin to take root. Oranges and grapefruit will grow larger so are best trained into small round trees. We can only ship this product within Florida. It has a marvelous chewy texture and a flavor much like grapefruit without a hint of bitterness. Select a young pummelo tree from your local nursery. When does Honey Pomelo tree bloom? Young trees are most susceptible to cold temps, so it might be advisable for the first few years to grow the tree in a container. Click here to see find our Container Citrus Planting and Growing Guide. Don't plant your pummelo tree in a shady location. Ponds and other bodies of water or overhanging trees will also help trap heat. Planting Pomelo: You can grow pomelo if you live in a tropical or subtropical climate or in a green house. It pays to protect these small trees during 25 degrees F or lower freezes. At Just Fruits, we price all of our plants online exactly as we do in the nursery. These temperatures are too cold for a pummelo tree to grow. Pomelo or Pummelo is largest fruit of citrus family having up to 10 inches fruits, which are sweet and tart in taste with easily removable orange like thick pale yellow skin. Beautiful, evergreen plants with lush bright green foliage and heavenly fragrant blooms. Also, citrus trees cannot be shipped outside of the state of Florida. A warm sunny location is ideal for growing this tree. Growing also possible in pots, planter, flowerpot, containers: Yes, when grow in container need to choose the desirable container if it’s small plant it directly if it’s a big container bigger than 30%-50% than the root ball, every time that the tree arrive to full capacity need to switch to bigger until arrives to desirable size, better to switch the soil once in few years soil lose the viability over time and it’s efficient of care for the tree, when it’s not possible to switch all the soil just part of the soil in the side of the roots (don’t afraid from root cutting), it will bear fruits also in 5-10gallon (40 liter) container (but bigger is better), drainage it’s important and need to make holes and to use peat soil and maybe some lava grit in the bottom or something like that, put a bottom for the container and when water the plant let it fill the bottom but also need to dry in the same day, better to grow as dwarf tree or to grow it as bonsai. Sara Ipatenco has taught writing, health and nutrition. Do this in early spring, between March and May, because trees planted early will better tolerate colder temperatures later in the year. Growing Zone 8B - 10B. Condition of seedling: If there is Citrus leaf miner in one of the trees in the area, better to put it in greenhouse or indoor to protect the tree, young tree very sensitive to citrus leaf miners, better to cover the soil with mulch. Keep your tree dormant. The pummelo tree, or Citrus maxima, is native to southeastern Asia and Malaysia, but can grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 9 and above. However, we do watch for extreme weather. If there is extremely cold or hot weather expected around your shipment date and on your path of shipment, we will contact you and notify you that we plan to hold the shipment for the next possible shipping date with better conditions.