Some common side effects of using mineral oil as a laxative include loss of normal bowel response, nausea and cramps. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the LIVESTRONG.COM didnt notice much of a difference at all after 5 minutes on the bike. Shimano tries to "scare" the ignorant with their bleed kits. Thats cool, I use hayes and I think we just got some DOT 3 from the supermarket. Copyright Policy Food-grade mineral oil is a fragrance-free baby oil substitute for use on diaper rash. It is widely used in cosmetics products as it is known to moisturize and hydrate skin. Are you kidding I would not ask that guy how to tie shoes. Image by Chantal Huijbers brands of capture life. Jun 16, 2005 #1 hey guys, dont know if much of you know that you can actually run any mineral oil brake system with Johnsons and johnsons baby oil … It is interesting how so many of us assume products designed for babies are safe….I am glad you already use a lot of the natural oils. Press J to jump to the feed. And it is not required to be listed on the ingredients list in the US even though in 2001 after a study, the FDA acknowledged that 1,4 dioxane was found in worryingly high levels in some children’s shampoos but no law was passed to change this. Baby oil is probably okay, but I would shy away from the scented stuff. im gunna stick with my mineral oil made for mercedez-benz or BMW motorcycles. Petroleum derived products are amongst them. There was a study done in 2011 published in the Journal of women’s health citing mineral oil hydrocarbons as possibly the biggest contaminator of the human body and how this contamination is linked to the cosmetics we use over our lifetimes. It’s not like you replace the brake fluid every ride. I just changed my whole eating habits to alkaline vegan. it performed just fine. I never knew how harmful mineral oil is and I thought all baby products are safe which includes baby oil. Copyright © Subscribe to our free newsletter and stay up-to-date with the latest from BIKE Magazine. Post your problems, and we will try to get your bike rolling again. According to the court case Ayers v. Johnson & Johnson, a 15-month-old received brain damage after baby oil was inhaled into his lungs. Other, less common side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, and anal leakage of oil. Anyone who is even slightly acne-prone should hear alarm bells ringing. Pharmaceutical-grade mineral oil … People with pre-existing skin disorders or impaired lung function might be hypersensitive to these potentially irritating effects. If there are any specific products that you want me to look into, do leave me a comment below and I will come back with some suggestions. when i bled it out it had turned all cloudy but was still working just fine. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Mineral oil is a hydrocarbon compound also known as paraffin oil, liquid petrolatum, white mineral oil and Nujol. Although refined to meet specifications for use in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and even food, mineral oil and baby oil are hydrocarbon compounds derived from petrochemicals. Mineral oil also lubricates your intestines, easing the passage of your stool. Come exchange gifts with other monkeys! Mineral oil is a byproduct of petroleum distillation and is primarily used as a lubricant laxative to slow the absorption of water from the bowel, which softens the stool, according to Inhalation can irritate the respiratory tract leading to coughing, shortness of breath, and if aspirated into the lungs, can cause chemical pneumonia. I have made this one of my favorites to show others in the future. Robin Wasserman has been writing and prosecuting biochemical patents since 1998. Yes you are lucky in Thailand – lots of coconuts! Mineral oil is a byproduct of petroleum distillation and is primarily used as a lubricant laxative to slow the absorption of water from the bowel, which softens the stool, according to Now that i know, these are products everyone must avoid. Do not use it regularly because it can cause deficiencies of vitamins A, D, E and K, according to Baby oil, because of the added fragrance, would not be used for this purpose. Both Hopes and Avid Juicy's can use DOT 5. Ah, grasshopper, but mineral oil used for brake fluid should 'stop' you up, no? Most people trust that baby products will be safe to use on babies! Massaging your baby's skin with mineral or baby oil also enhances parent-baby bonding. I am a big believer of not worrying yourself sick and pondering things for too long in your head. Blocked pores mean trapped dirt and oil – leading to blackheads, breakouts, millia etc. Don’t throw out everything all at once – just change out the key products first – the ones that you use closest to your skin and every day. What Is Mineral Oil? Mineral Oil is also typically available from pharmacies/chemists where it will probably be called paraffin oil. Baby oil is mineral oil with added fragrance. Mineral Oil. Both mineral oil and baby oil appear as a clear, oily liquid. The material appearing on LIVESTRONG.COM is for educational use only. View entire discussion ( 6 comments) More posts from … It really helps if you can provide pictures and/or video. advertisements are served by third party advertising companies. By a child’s second birthday they have accumulated up to 50% of their lifetime risk of cancer – this comes from an EWG article based a report from the EPA, their latest comprehensive handbook detailing child exposure factors, is available to download it here. Food-grade mineral oil lubricants for food machinery contain corrosion inhibitors, foam suppressants and anti-wear agents, even though they are authorized for contact with food. Though there is no real scientific evidence to back their claim up. Luckily we have lots of coconut oil in Thailand, so we have a great substitute widely available. I didn’t know anything else until I became an adult. I want to throw it all away but all the money I spent on them will go down the drain too. Only use mineral oil as a laxative when recommended by a health care professional. And warm weather so the coconut oil doesn’t solidify! Ask Mack about that, he just did it to his XT 4 pots, I believe. Johnson & Johnson: Mineral Safety Data, PARTNER & LICENSEE OF THE LIVESTRONG FOUNDATION. . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Petroleum and hence mineral oil is an endocrine disruptor causing estrogen dominance. That is exactly what you do every time you use baby oil. Leaf Group Ltd. The ingredients in most commercial baby oil products are 98% mineral oil and 2% fragrance. Keep baby oil out of children's reach at all times. Baby oil and mineral oil can be used interchangeably as a skin moisturizer, makeup remover, shaving gel, stainless-steel or chrome cleaner, wood furniture polish (when mixed with lemon juice) and leather conditioner.