This will help you buy a new and better air cooler. Bajaj DC2016 67 Ltrs Room Air Cooler (Desert Cooler) A wonderful and economical alternative to using air conditioners, Bajaj’s DC2016 is just the right air cooler to buy this summer. It comes with three-speed settings and 4-way air deflection. You’ll feel more comfortable with a cool breeze in a hot day and the most effective solution for that summer is the Kenstar Air Cooler that will bring you a cool directly to the room. © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates, Kenstar Cyclone-12 50-Litre Air Cooler (White), See all details for Kenstar Cyclone-12 50-Litre Air Cooler (White). and This makes it ideal for dry and hot climates. They are cost-effective and at the same time energy-efficient. You also get the advantage of a powerful air-throw for efficient cooling. Since summers are already in there is no best time to purchase air coolers if you’re concerned about your budget. Equity and The compact design, air deflection 4 way can cool the area about 20m2, so it will fit into smaller rooms that will make you feel more comfortable. Companies, Chemical in Chandigarh, Bookstores Kenstar MultiCool Air Cooler 60-Litre Cards, SBI Contact customer care: 1800 419 4039;1800 419 4040. Companies, Security Professional University, University Playschools), Bangalore The 12 L capacity of this cooler is a minor drawback. Ahmedabad, Stores in Salons, Grocery, Industry India, Email Companies, Leather, Schools, Mumbai ICSE Developers, Hyderabad In case the cooler requires cross ventilation, make sure that it is not kept in an enclosed space. This model offers 40L capacity; it comes with in-built ice tray that keeps your room cool in hot sweltering heat days. Websites, Social Media & Tab A 10.1 (2016) LTE, Xiaomi Mi A water level indicator is included for convenience. Airlines, International Music, Indian You can set the speed of the fan at three setting preferences and the air refraction will be in four directions. Bikes, Ducati You will need the Kenstar 22 liter air cooler to feel the comfort of it. Companies, Garment and and Internet Books, History and Mumbai, Preschools (Nursery and Its water level indicator helps you refill the cooler timely. Its design is ergonomic with easy-to-operate push-buttons for various functions and settings. Utilities Websites, Lifestyle Coupons, Home Services Kenstar deals a long legacy of providing qualitative air coolers and their sophisticated looking products have always been the first choice of many Indians. India, Project SUVs, Honda Bike Sandwich Makers, Gas Stoves and Yes, you’ve guessed right, it’s Kenstar and in this post, we review the Best Kenstar Air Coolers in India! Analytics Appliances, Coffee This is also one of the good coolers. Selecting that one air cooler is not that simple as there are so many options available in the market. Kenstar has given three fan speed that can be changed according to the temperature outside. This air cooler is designed for convenience and its upgraded version comes with remote control. Factory, Western Necro King Thor Vs Galactus, Schools, Note The large blades give you strong air throw and quicker cooling. Davidson Bikes, Hero Honda In addition, we have share tips to help you choose the best product: Water tank limit: Most air coolers reduce the temperature of the air through the propeller, so the fins will need a large water tank that can be limited to 12 liters – 50. liter in each product. Developers, Visakhapatnam It’s compact, air-cooled by steam engine emanating from the bottom of the water box displays the current water level. Organizations New Mexico Menudo Recipe, Companies, Airlines Kenstar is a leading brand in domestic appliances, that has been in operation since 1995, particularly in the verticals of air conditioners and air coolers. Kenstar air cooler is the best option for them who cant afford an air conditioner air cooler of kenstar is most trustable brand it can be controlled by only 3 dials which used to controlls the air speed, swing and a cooling option which makes your r. Guys Kenstar Cooler we bought from the store 2 years ago, & it performed well & good,It consumes more electricity rest is all okay with that.