Few and hard have been the days of the years of my life, and they have not attained the life spans of my fathers during the days of their sojourns.” Then Jacob blessed Pharao… Jacob was not afraid to fight for what he wanted. Rachael had an older sister named, Leah, who, was also not married. Can you imagine the friction this must have caused at times? It was at Shechem that Jacob’s daughter Dinah began associating with the Canaanite women, and this, in turn, opened the way for Shechem, the son of the chieftain Hamor, to violate her. When Isaac died, Jacob was one hundred and twenty years old. Twenty-three years after Jacob went up to his father, Joseph was sold by his brethren to the Midianites for twenty dînârs4. {Genesis 33}, Before meeting with his brother, Jacob took time to worship the Lord. And since Jacob looked older than his years, the wonder was even greater (the medieval commentator Sforno on Genesis 47:8 in his Commentary on the Torah). These include daughter, sister, caretaker, Certified Activities Director, life coach,  Bible teacher, consultant and coach, Genealogists, and survivor. He had twelve sons, one daughter and countless grandchildren and descendants. We are told that Rebekah loved Jacob and Isaac loved Esau. (See AMORITE.) {Genesis 25:31-34}, So, when Isaac called to bestow the birthright, Jacob was claiming what he felt was rightfully his. How did these two leaders size each other up, and what did each intuitively understand about the other’s authority and influence? His name was changed to Israel which means “God contended”. tahʹ, is not known today, but a hundred of them, all together, may have amounted to a considerable sum of weighed-out silver, there being no coins in those days. On one hand you have to feel sorry for him. When Jacob learned Joseph was still alive we are told “the spirit of Jacob their father revived” and he said “ It is enough; Joseph my son is yet alive: I will go and see him before I die” {Genesis 45:27-28}. 2nd Place Finalists in novella category for unpublished manuscript "Carol of the Rooms", Some links on this blog may contain affiliate links. As dawn breaks, Esau’s angel must join his colleagues to sing to their Creator. And he took his two daughters to wife; Leah with her handmaid Zilpah, and Rachel with her handmaid Bilhah. Jacob is very different from his twin, Esau. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. How do Rosenberg and the Sha-agat Aryeh illuminate Pharaoh’s character? Isaac bestowed a blessing upon Jacob that was unbreakable. Verses 9, 10. However, compared to the description of her sister Rachael she is perceived as being very homely or plain. And he woke and said, 'This is the house of the Lord.' [Integrity] is the accrued assurance of [one’s] proclivity for order and meaning–an experience that conveys some world order and spiritual sense, no matter how dearly it is paid for. These Jacob buried out of sight near Shechem.​—Ge 35:1-4. {Genesis 34}, 2. In the wake of this episode matters soon developed beyond Jacob’s control​—his sons killed every male inhabitant of Shechem, took the women and children captive, appropriated all the property and wealth of the community, and made their father Jacob a stench to the inhabitants of the land.​—Ge 34:1-31. Now that we know how old … Jacob was 147 years old when he died and his body was returned to the land of Canaan and the Cave of the Patriarch’s. Then add into the mix that each wife gives him a handmaid, once Leah stopped having, Jacob was blessed with many sons and sheep. On his way to Haran, Jacob had a vision of a ladder with angel’s going up and down. They then led their father to believe that Joseph had been killed by a wild beast. (His final days are recounted in Genesis 47:28-50:14.) Jacob was given a new name, Israel, but when asked the name of the man but he was not told, although the man bestowed a blessing on him. Bethel, the “House of God,” was of special importance to Jacob, for here, perhaps some 30 years before, Jehovah had passed on to him the Abrahamic covenant. He was both father and priest of the family, and at such times he spoke from the Spirit of the Lord and his words were sure to come to pass. This means that the oldest Esau could have been when he went to visit Ishmael to marry his daughter Mahalath was 63 years old, and similarly, the oldest Jacob could have been when he left for Padanaram (Haran) was also 63 years old. He became Jacob’s favorite son. While we can’t answer these questions definitively, pondering them offers us insight into the psychological and political complexities inherent in Jacob and Pharaoh’s meeting and, by extension, in all human encounters. His favorite son, Joseph, was believed killed {although in reality his brothers sold him into slavery}. 3. Perhaps it was prior to his son Joseph’s being sold into Egyptian slavery that Jacob moved his residence down to Hebron, where his aging father Isaac was still living, but the date of this move is not certain.​—Ge 35:27. Welcome to my virtual home. Consider whether Jacob’s revelation about his age was a calculated political move to assuage Pharaoh’s fears or the confessional banter of a man expressing his own fears. The next thing we know of Jacob is when Joseph is reunited with his father many years later. Poor Jacob. Pharaoh asked Jacob, “How many are the days of the years of your life?” And Jacob answered Pharaoh, “The days of the years of my sojourn [on earth] are 130 years. I am a novelist at heart, and have been published in a number of anthologies. Few and hard have been the days of the years of my life, and they have not attained the life spans of my fathers during the days of their sojourns.” Then Jacob blessed Pharaoh and left Pharaoh’s presence” (Genesis 47:7-10). (Ge 46:5-27; Ex 1:5; De 10:22) This number did not include Leah, who had died in the Promised Land (Ge 49:31), or his unnamed daughters, or the wives of his sons.​—Ge 46:26; compare Ge 37:35. Jacob was a shrewd business man/Shepherd, The Lord blessed Jacob with many descendants, 11. So based on the ages of Jacob and Joseph at this time we can determine that Joseph was born when Jacob was 91 years old (130 - 39). {Genesis 25:22}. That the Nile should rise to his feet (Rashi on Genesis 47:10). “May nations serve you and peoples bow down to you. 2. Jacob, now Israel, had wrestled with God. All Rights Reserved. Jacob saw a right wrong before he died, 12. He had twelve sons, one daughter and countless grandchildren and descendants. The standard view of the birth of Joseph argues that Jacob was 91 years old when he fathered Joseph. We are told that “Rachel was beautiful and well-favored”. Things weren’t getting better for Jacob, only worse.