Electric w/ Floyd Rose: $75 Erlewine Guitars 7 Guitar Stores. Straight Frets has returned to its brick and mortar location, 3720 South Congress Ave. 78704. A basic setup is $75, and includes the best fret polishing and precision setup to your instrument than any other shop in town. Complete Setups. Acoustic: $50 I do Tremolo set ups , nut adjustments, electronics repair and intonation. Why? Be sure to tell me what kind of guitar or bass you have and what you'd like done to it. Basses with more than 4 strings or maple neck, +$10. Acoustic: $50 The supplied tools, strings, and string winder will allow for your guitar to have its frets polished and restrung properly, along with the 5 points of setup covered in the 20-page booklet. FINGER STYLE MECHANICS:  This class discusses right hand techniques, and practice tips from over 25 years of teaching and studying guitar with some of the very best in the world while obtaining a master’s degree in classical guitar from Florida State University. Straight Frets is a licensed and insured guitar repair business based is Austin, Texas. From a neck reset & fret work to nuts, saddles, & finish repair and anywhere in between, the pages highlight many things that are done here at the shop. Open string patterns are given out with TAB and chord grids are then added to give a very satisfying experience. Electric w/o Floyd Rose: $120 Located at 3720 South Congress Ave. 78704. From there we apply these concepts together to give freedom of improvised playing by virtue of knowing how to spell chords and scales. We love working on guitars and basses and would love the opportunity to work on yours! Electric w/o Floyd Rose: $60 A complementary egg shaker is given out to help with the Brazilian clave, the heart of Bossa. We're looking for problems with the electronics, neck, frets, bridge, nut, tuners, neck pocket, output jack and switches, and pickup output test. Bass Build – Alembic Style – Nordstrand – ACG Preamp – ETS Bridge – Carvin Neck, Epiphone Hummingbird Bridge Re-Glue, Fret Level, Bone Nut and Saddle, Telecaster Re-Fret, Bone Nut and Neck Shim, Guitars and Basses with a Hardtail Bridge, If neck is partially broken or cracked snapped. Classes can happen any day of the week from 6-9pm. Would highly recommend Brian for any guitar repair.” more Guitar (512) 590-1225. Acoustic: $100 Music stands, footstools, and guitar amps will be supplied for each student as needed. Electric w/ Floyd Rose: $130 Serving Austin and the … (DISCLAIMER: The finger style mechanics class is suggested prior to the Bossa Nova class if you are not yet proficient at playing with your fingers). While working in the repair shop for Daddy's Junky Music, he learned from the legendary Doug MacCormack and earned Fender Authorized Guitar Technician certification. Classes will cost $250 for the setup class (acoustic OR electric) with up to 5 participants, and $125 for the guitar instruction classes (up to 6 participants). We’d love to hear from you! More than 4 strings, +$5. Straight Frets is an Austin based guitar repair business focusing on precision fretwork, high quality nuts and saddles, and setups, and electronic work that will bring positive results to your tone, playability, and your experience with music. Bass Hit us up with a question with the email in the contact page and a picture if you have a special job in mind not listed on our Pricing and Services page above. Rosedale. More than 6 strings or maple neck, +$10. Find the best Guitar Setup near you on Yelp - see all Guitar Setup open now. Our turnaround time is about a week, sometimes less, sometimes more based on how backed up we are with bigger jobs. Electric: $120 Please go do some business with these folks. If your guitar needs a setup, electronics and wiring modification, hardware installation, pickup installation, fret leveling, nut filing and anything in between, give us a call. I have been Playing Bass for Thirty + years. All classes are 3-hours long and include a complimentary face mask to ensure participant safety, as well as a free bottle of water. Eliminate excessive fret buzz with hand sanding and filing of the frets to make them an even height and contoured to the same radius as the neck. © 2020 Guitar Setup Near ME | All Rights Reserved. Strings additional; includes Setup/Cleaning. Ground Shielding: $100. The setup classes also include over $100 worth of take-home tools, a free set of strings, and a 20-page booklet written to accompany the class. More than 4 strings or maple necks, +$10. Acoustic: $20 Many grids of 4 chord patterns are given out. More than 6 strings, +$10. Output jack repair/replace: $50 The accuracy of this machine is less than a human hair (measures in thousands of a millimeter), and saves the information of a cloud for future reference. Premade Nuts and Saddles such as Tusq or Graphite “ was very fair, consulted with me as any issues arose, and made my instrument as playable as it was when I bought it 25 some years ago. Additionally, we will learn how the 3 scale shapes can turn into 6. We have an onsite tube tester, professional soldering station, and popular tubes in stock with some of the best amp techs in town. Although both are covered in the booklet, only one guitar type will be covered in each small group class in order to make best use of our time. South Austin Guitar Repair 31 Musical Instrument Services. More than 4 strings, +$5. Acoustic: $20 Electric: $60 Guitar Setup Near ME is Del's newly created guitar repair shop and here's what he can do for you: Neck and truss rod, bridge and nut adjustments to make your guitar or bass play exactly how you want it to feel, while bringing out the best of your tone. Electric w/ Floyd Rose: $30 Straight Frets accepts credit cards, in addition to offering AMP and PEDAL REPAIR! The Plek cuts nut slots and frets to algorithms based on string movement from over 20 years of research. The brick and mortar is also used as a classroom for guitar setups and guitar instruction in three different classes: Scales/theory, Bossa Nova, and finger style mechanics. “My PRS is just a year old. Acoustic: $25 At South Austin Guitar Repair, we have 2 simple rules: We offer excellent Austin guitar repair service at low prices without the old-timey luthier ego. SETUP CLASSES:  The classroom has five benches that are spaced 6’ apart, each having their own task light, work pad, leather neck rest, paper towel roll, trash can, and Peterson strobe tuner. Bass Find the best Guitar Repair Shops near you on Yelp - see all Guitar Repair Shops open now. Other topics discussed will include relative minor/major scale relationships, and the chord qualities up the major scale. Guitar This string change includes compressed air and solvent cleaning of switches & output jack and polishing the neck, fretboard & body. Every detail of playability is given the utmost attention just as if it were my own instrument. A classroom piano will also be used briefly for clarity of patterns and chords.