The Christian Flag is a flag designed in the early 20th century to represent all of Christianity and Christendom,[1] and is used by Protestant churches in North America, Africa and Latin America. When facing the entrance of a government building that has two flagpoles (one on each side of the entrance) I am a Woman Marine and need to know the proper procedure. Your email address will not be published. Can a Police “Thin Blue Line” American Flag be flown on a fence post beside an American Flag? This link will take you to complete Flag Etiquette The Pledge of Allegiance; Please clarify that statement. Often times at corporate offices, government buildings, or even small businesses, several flags are displayed at once. If you have a current US flag and an historical US Guilford flag (with 13 stars flown in NC in 1781), which flag flies higher or can either one be higher? Is there a specific side that the state flag should be placed on when flying below the American flag? Trust me, if anyone is the authority on flag etiquette it’s the military, particularly the sea services (land based flag etiquette is based on shipboard flag protocol). Many consider this an affectation with the past. This was formerly flown from the mainmast but is now usually flown from the jackstaff. Can I fly all of them on one pole or do i need two. of such civilians or civilian groups or organizations as may not be required to When flying just the US flag or several flags, the US flag can be at the center, flying higher than the others. /�;D�=yE�퐔'f��InMrM6853����Ԝ�ұ�x��ګ�UK��Q�+�mh8��m*Т<. The position of honour on a ship is the quarterdeck at the stern of the ship, and thus ensigns are traditionally flown either from an ensign staff at the ship's stern, or from a gaff rigged over the stern. Collin, as you’ve written earlier, the American flag should always be displayed to the left of other flags. I hope this helps. on what side should the state be flown? The following codification of existing rules and customs pertaining to the Sailing vessels may fly the burgee from the main masthead or from a lanyard under the starboard spreader on the mast. (Usually five ft all the way thru) Often, they are every other spacing, or every three peats, One very popular restaurant just has them randomly placed all around with no pattern. If the American flag is on the left, the state flag is in the center, can we put both company flags on the 3rd pole? Motor boats without masts should always fly the ensign from an ensign staff at the stern. That is not completely true. I have one 30-ft. pole and need to fly the USA flag and our state flag. As long as you are showing proper respect to either flag being displayed, then you are good in our book! Scouts should know how to fold it, fly it, and handle it. A• Great question! There is a system of International maritime signal flags for each letter of the alphabet, and pennants for the numerals. This is known as a courtesy hoisting of a courtesy Flag. Is this proper, or a definite no no? this link to complete Federal Flag Code Hi. The United Nations' headquarters may fly the flags of all 188 member nations in alphabetical order. [2] Power boats fly the burgee off a short staff on the bow. Question is: the center pole is the highest pole so it is a definite that the national is flown her. I want to put up one flag poll for three flags. Is this correct? should it be 1st–2nd—3rd? Flag if they are both hung on same flagpole? If flown in a parade with a line of other flags, it may be flown to the front and center of the other flags. *A halyard is the line or rope used to hoist a flag. I want to fly the American flag and the Irish nation flag on the same flag pole. Our veteran’s club says the solution should be flying the American flag from the highest pole in the center so it looks proper from all directions.