Camelot Unchained. - fixed salvaging having dimishing returns, - Reworked the Sidi, Tuscar & Galladoria Feather Merchants, - Task participation reward time scaling: the minimum reward is now always 1x, the maximum reward 10x, - initial work to support 1.125 (still wip), - stealther limit is now done via giving out "tokens" to player based on their online time instead of preventing all stealther in a realm to restealth as long as the the number is above the limit, - melee style activation range is now melee range. Why are there no Heretics? View Entire Discussion (21 Comments) More posts from the daoc community. She kinda wants to try savage, I'd probably try healer with augment or do those buffs not stack? they're used to gather information about the pages you visit and how many clicks you need to accomplish a task. Druid heals pet shroom while Animist Aoe. We don't really care about the realm but we'd possibly like to both be able to play so it should be 2 active characters that complement each other while leveling. - fix bow preparation animation for some weird speeds, - guild window updates are now limited (this was causing the "too many messages" message, every rr up notified everyone in guild multiple times, getting free rr13 meant lots of notifications), - only fnf turrets / theurgist pets now count to the pet limit, - fixed an issue with engage + ranged attacks allowing 20 attacks per second, - melee damage reduction to match tests on pendragon via increase of inherent af and npc absorb, - lots of fixes for passive ra delves (window only), - small adjustment to player position updates, players should not jitter around when running in a straight line, - sit reg multiplier only applies when out of combat, - hidden interrupt timer when hit by spells is now 2.5 seconds (up from 2), - detection for another kind of speed hack, - Armor & Weapons from the DF merchants now have the correct salvage values. Forgot your password? If you still have a problem you can contact Billing Support, Please contact Dark Age of Camelot Customer Support by email at, You can also contact Technical or Billing Support via. We will not accept a: I haven't seen the rules! - fixed an issue causing the moc reduction to be applied twice to harmful duration spells, - instances ignore normal passive pet behavior: all mobs that are supposed to group together will come regardless of how they are pulled. 8. - starting stats and appearance respec is now working, if you have one available you can use the customize button in your character select screen and changes made there will persist and deduct the relevant respec. Lost access to your email account? Selling High End WTS ⚒️ Phoenix DAoC MIDGARD PLATS / Feathers & items ⚒️ C H E A P ... Forgot your password? Stay logged in. See more of Phoenix Freeshard on Facebook. Create New Account. 3 posts • Page 1 of 1. Password. PvP-Zone is now open. Will save you a ton on potions, too. You won't kill as fast as 2 DPS classes, but you're not stuck with one person just healing a pet the entire time either. Sign in Not Now. He will drop feathers and some nice ROGs. We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e.g. Use any teleporter to port to the "event"-zone. The patch notes on the web site will be updated after the restart to reflect all changes since the 20th december. We are very open to the players and the community has helped shaped the server into what it is today. Also bard+anything or skald+, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. it will only spawn when attacking Dremcis Fuilotair and also brings some backup), - fix assassin not visible after stealth opener, - Animist FnF Turret HP has been slightly increased again, - Animist FNF pets & controlled pets have had their cast time set to the correct 5s, - volley exploit has been fixed and volley is enabled again, - zone kill task is now always about the portal keep zones (hw, emain, og), - zone kill task now always covers 3 zones, either hw, emain and og or pennine, jamtlant and breifine, - Keep Realm Task now uses the same participation tracking as the zone kill task for the rp pool distribution, - open rvr incentive part 2: rvr tasks (see forum for more details), /task to show them, - melee stun immunity duration is now 6x the stun duration, - /listmerchant should work on all houses now, - heal rp: 4% when solo, 2% when in group and healing people outside your own group, 1% when healing own group members, - Hearth spell should no longer go on cooldown when interrupted, - reactive procs now have a default min level even if no specific level is assigned, - Stealth speed while rooted / snared fix, - spells should fail when the target goes into stealth while casting, - added recipes for Hib Metalcrafting strips trinketing - roughhewn hinge, - cancel concentration and pulse effects on line respec, - free ra point moved from level 20 to level 5, - messages when pet is hit / healed by spells, - Animist turrets now only have a chance to be interrupted, - gc buff should be usable by non guild leaders, - 4 weeks are over, df uses the single ownership system again, - Bosses in Tur Suil, Fomor City, Krondon, Darkness Falls, Crystal Cave, Avalon City, Iarnvidiur's Lair and Trollheim have special effects now, - removed int from affecting animist fnf turret damage, - legion kills count as legion kills and not dragon (works for existing kills), - various minor ra fixes: Volcanic Pillar, Shadow Run, Battle Yell, Concentration, Bladedance, - Feather Encounter Kill Credits now persist through restarts, - Alchemy: Hib recipes now should show the correct ingredients (dolomite, sapphire, etc), - Fletching: It is now possible to craft Harps, - Cloak Bleach is now available on Dye Merchants to remove skin on RoG cloaks (Players with Catacombs models will only see this change), - Increased Respawn timers of many Feather Bossmobs and gave them some extra Power, -Fletching ingredient "phoenix feathers" changed to "gryphon feathers".