But If all you want is a Smoothy maker – look into the Single server blenders like magic bullet – is nice easy and less mess. Go online for big discounts and free shipping — returning your wares (if you change your mind) is generally hassle free. Super convenient to have around home. This year we got a check for nearly $400 in these earnings! This happened to me and they gave me cash at the customer service desk. Here was a store calling AMERICAN CITIZENS INCLUDING VETERANS RIFFRAFT. I am a conscientious shopper and will often just look around to check on in store specials, etc. Again you cannot loose. Great article, however, I did not see the word “Quality” mentioned. Bottom Line: If you prefer to watch your items scan and verify the prices, skip the pre-scan services. Sometimes even by 20¢. I had always thought that Costco isn’t that cheap etc. Good for bulk shopping when you want economy goods at a high quantity for reason although quality, I dont think so. A Costco Gold Star Membership will run you $55 per year, including a spouse card. Kirkland brand items – I have never been disappointed! I have been an employee at costco for over 15 years and i would like to state the fact that you are sorely misguided about our executive membership. NEEDLESS to say, I went to the counter, threw my card down and demanded my membership After taking to the manager. I shop my fresh produce at local fruit/veg markets. Well said Frank. However depending on the week, the amount we get might not be enough for our family. There’s no doubt I could save (as an individual) my membership fee just in wine and beer. Sure, if you want to get the gross Southern grown chicken at the grocery store you will likely match the Costco price, but you’d have to be brainless to compare the fresh Washington chicken to the Southern grown. Packaged lettuce for instance seems to go bad very very quickly and though your purchasing a larger package, most of it goes bad before you can use it. My content covers debt, saving, investing, financial planning, and behavioral economics. See the full story on Squawkfox. In an effort to ‘speed up’ those heinous lineups, Costco now offers to pre-scan your items right in the cart while you wait in line. Would ya just stick with lbs and oz’s already? In addition to savings on grocery there are many other savings at Costco. It’s built in the price. We performed a series of similar price comparisons between Costco and A) HEB in Austin, TX, B) Albertsons in San Diego, CA, C) Safeway in the San Francisco Bay Area and D) Publix in Miami, FL and in each and every instance, fresh foods and produce were significantly less expensive at Costco. Wal Mart does the same thing – they will price match any competitor’s flyer. I think your best advice is to have a list and stick to it – Costco is a perfect place to make impulse buys that totally eat up any savings you might have made on the groceries. They are incredible! Not too shabby. And also the good quality breads. Also, the beef at Costco is significantly higher quality than what the regular grocery stores get, yet it’s also significantly less expensive. The prices seem about the same as in the local superstores. It has only happened to me once, as every other year I get a larger refund check which pays for my membership. 2. Copyright 2008 - 2020 Kerry K. Taylor | All Rights Reserved. We’ll certainly skip the fresh isle at Costco now and load up on the frozen. We would always buy our chicken from Costco, now knowing that its more expensive there, I’ll be looking at other stores for a better deal. Costco only sells quality products. ill behaved children? I drive an electric car, so I can’t really count the cost of gas to drive there. Walk for your health:) Live better for longer. You say for you it will take 2 months to break even on the $55 dollar membership, then say that in order to break even for the executive you need to spend $5000. Do I think it’s worth the $60 membership fee? That’s why I originally got my membership. So 8 times in a month I can have wings for $20! Brewed […]. All in all we love our costco shopping trips. Interesting comparison. however for me I am alone and so buy buying family size frozen veggies I can use from that bag all month. Wonder why the Green Peppers are cheaper at Costco, who is getting the shaft on that stick, most likely the farmers who grew it for you. It is actually illegal do this. In reality this is only ~$200 a month, which is not that much. Fast forward to 2018. Ouch! The cashier wasn’t satisfied (“you have to be in the same family!”) so I asked to talk to a manager, who quickly understood that as roommates we share the same address so our card sharing was OK under their policy. I shop frozen & dairy at sales & Aldi. She did not really answer anything and said “yeah this is the reason why I said I let you do it this time”. Costco products in the US and Canada. The best time to hit the SS is between 8 and 9 AM on a weekday. The name brand packaging is lower cost per unit than most stores and wharehouses.The $100 membership includes a free AMEX card which I use everywhere possible, and it pays for my membership and also an annual cash back reward of upwards of $400 in my pocket besides. I’m a Superstore fan, but I’m not blind to its defects, but at least it’s a Canadian operation, and I collect points redeemable for groceries using the President’s Choice credit card. Costcos are usually a number of miles further away than a local grocery. Costco saves money on recruiting and training, because they promote from within and KEEP the same employees. The turkey was a $25 dollar turkey. I do comparison shop by unit as well, and found your generalization of fresh produce not correct. Pretty big savings if you ask me. If you came here now, you wouldn’t recognize a whole lot. I’m not a very exciting food shopper. We go through tons of greens at out home for our morning smoothies. I did a similar price-comparison experiment with BJ’s, a warehouse club we have out here in New Jersey. One for superstore too: they do sometimes PM against Costco and with their no tax or other promotions these can be better deals sometimes. that works better for me. Please contact us to get started with full access to dossiers, forecasts, studies and international data. This is a wonderful article, but it’s not accurate if applied to most American supermarkets. nut butters. You will need a chest freezer at home to store it, as the box sizes are substantial. I have clicked on far too many of your blog posts tonight. That’s great K but if that’s the case then most people will be eating fresh green peppers for six weeks a year, tops. I haven’t been in a CostCo in years; do they offer any organic products? at my local Costco than anywhere else I can get them. Please enough with the milliliters and kilograms. I think that this is one of Costco’s strong attributes. So I’m not exactly seeing savings there. As far as meats go, fresh or frozen are typically cheaper at Costco as well. As for our local superstore, it is in Langford, BC. I’ve found that Costco is worth it, but only if you can make up the annual membership fee. On the other hand.. Maybe this is a Canadian site…if so…my bad. @Rob @Fiona – Have you two considered grocery delivery? one fifth of butter and margarine retail sales were private label products. Plus one more thing I take into consideration when buying veggies is “how fresh are they?”. Rick, you have very good points. whoa! His responce was WELL WE HAVE TO KEEP OUT THE RIFFRAFT. No. We’ve introduced friends of ours who previously only shopped at grocery stores and they were amazed at the savings. I opened it in middle of Jan and the nut was stale. have pretty good prices and they come with a 2 year warranty. And shopping locally is better for the environment, keeps stores locally available for our convenience and saves the time of going to Costco. Price changes, if any, will be reflected on your order confirmation. It could swing either way. Bananas and apples – get at the grocery store for sure, but Grapes, Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries and Blackberries are always 40-50% less per lb.