Stanford gives learners two options to fulfill MSCS breadth and depth requirements. The college offers an MS in computer science for learners with computer science backgrounds who want to specialize in software development. It also calls for school transcripts and GRE scores. At Tufts, students receive a rigorous education from a premier research college. The MS in computer science requires 30 credits and offers three degree completion options: coursework-only, thesis, and project tracks. Most colleges and universities look for a combination of education, experience, and acumen when reviewing applicants. Tuition Admission requires competency in areas such as computer architecture and programming languages. Degree-seekers may choose to culminate the MSE in CIS with a thesis. We have many interactives throughout the website that teach many different computer science concepts. Although in most degree courses the  specialization will come into effect  at the graduate level. Enrollees complete their coursework requirements through general elective courses in areas of their choosing. Graduation Rate Learners interested in pursuing advanced training not covered by an available track can choose the MS personalized track. Strong communication skills are required to decipher the needs of users and convey technical specifications to developers. This institution offers an MS in computer science with three tracks: the general MS, an MS with a specialization in cybersecurity, and an MS with a specialization in data-centric computing. They also analyze technical problems for their company or a client organization, proposing solutions and tips to enhance productivity. View School Profile Tuition They begin the program by taking courses in three areas to fulfill breadth requirements: theory and formal thinking, applications, and systems and hardware. 93% 89% Pages in category "Subfields of computer science" The following 4 pages are in this category, out of 4 total. We use the cyber world for email and text communication, for travel, banking, and shopping. Tuition Dartmouth students may enroll in a 4+1 option, which allows learners to complete a bachelor's and MS degree in five years. Icons provided generously by icons8. Ongoing research into new fields of CS is likely to continue and develop, including nanotechnology, cybernetics, and expansions of computer systems beyond the surface of the Earth. Harvard University However , It is important for student to know the existence various sub-disciplines within computer science. Computer and information systems managers analyze a company's technology needs and oversee the implementation of appropriate data systems. The Discrete Mathematics is a branch of mathematics that deals with  discrete elements and uses algebra and arithmetic. Students earn a master of science or master of engineering (ME) on campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Faculty require all students to demonstrate technical writing proficiency through a research thesis or project report. Columbia University in the City of New York, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society, Doctorate Programs in Information Technology, Online Associate Programs in Information Technology, Online Bachelors in Information Technology. 87% If you are an educator, we recommend reading the teacher version for extra information on how to use this guide for teaching. Human Computer Interaction, or HCI, is exactly what is sounds like — it is the study of how humans and computers interact, and best practices for improving this interaction. Brown manages one of the nation's top computer science programs, cultivating innovators at the undergraduate and graduate levels. User Experience Design and Research (UX Design & Research), User Interface (UI) Design, Information Architect. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Students choose from course options in advanced computer architecture, randomized algorithms, artificial intelligence, and computational sequence biology. Tuition Graduate students in CS programs may qualify for scholarships to help pay for tuition. Boston University The external hardware components are also referred as peripheral devices such as mouse , monitor , keyboard , printer , speaker and so on . Washington University awarded the nation's first computer science doctorate, and it continues to trailblaze in research and education. Wake Forest University View School Profile The statistics is a branch of mathematics which deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of massive amount  of numerical data for its some meaningful application.