During the fight, she breaks Magneto's helmet and attacks him with telepathy. Superman and Wonder Woman have matched up 5 times, in canon, with the result being while Wonder Woman will give a good fight, she’s not going to take the win. Your description of that fight is as awful and as horrible as it could possibly be. Now, if you don't know who Psylocke is, shame on you, but it means you probably don't follow the mutant stories of the X-Men very regularly. All you've shown are reaction feats which something street levels like Batman and Iron Fist has done to a much greater degree.You just can't say anything without proof. I love all things pop-culture and coffee; but coffee is the best. The third heroine who could fight Wonder Woman on equal ground and ultimately defeat her is in the Marvel Universe - Gamora. Wolverine can occasionally dodge Cyclops' aim and can avoid getting hit that way, especially with the assistance of his enhanced senses, but other wise... More times than not, Wolverine ends up getting hit by an Optic Blast. Thanks in advance. Without regard to the apparent age difference, Kara had the benefit of growing up, albeit for less than 20 years, on Krypton. She wouldn't rely on mental control as much as she would use her abilities to inflict mental damage to the Amazonian, to the point of causing her to falter in step as she battles unconsciousness. Physical Augmentation: Using her own telekinesis, she can enhance her speed, agilty, strength and fighting abilities to a super-human level. I don't know how to make this any more clear. And Wonder Woman herself has confirmed this, so I am perplexed as to why you stubbornly cling to the notion that Wonder Woman is stronger and faster than all of her fellow Heralds. It's her combat skills that makes her stand out. The fastest? He needs to think. Wonder Woman can't beat Powergirl physically. That's really about where the line is drawn between the Amazonian Princess and the Kryptonian Heroine. This is what gives him super strength, super speed, enhanced reflexes, etc. OK. However, she cannot strike nearly as hard as the likes of Thor or Cosmic Spiderman. Who said Magneto has Street level reflexes? With her strength level, that ain't gonna happen. Stealth & Assassination: Trained in all the deadliest arts, along with her enhanced physiology make her a deadly killer. is bound to irritate any competent user. Much of her deadliness comes from the weapons she used which we already know edges weapons can pierce Wonder Woman's skin making Gamora a deadly adversary indeed. Is fast enough to react to Thor's hammer, which is MFTL. Lastly, Diana hasn't found her upper limit yet in strength yet. But against invisible Flash-like speeds? Sigh. Just show it. Wonder Woman can't beat Powergirl physically. Now compared to Wonder Woman, Flash is faster. Bottom line, don't do it. They aren't irrelevant. Despite me showing Magneto reacting to FTL and MFTL attacks. Agent Takes the Spotlight in a Character-Driven Debut, DC: 5 Reasons DCeased Is The Best Zombie Apocalypse Arc (& 5 Why It's Dead Planet), The First 10 Villains Batman Added To His Rogues Gallery, Is Captain Marvel Stronger Than Superman? Although Wonder Woman has a slight edge in terms of combat ability and an arsenal of weapons-based powers. ", In this instance, not only was Barry holding back, but wasn't even trying to fight Supergirl to begin with. In the fight against Iron Man, Magneto didn't even bother putting up his shields. The results are the same.). The annoyed ogre heads into the city demanding them to get out of his swamp. I haven't even played out all my cards and shown my aces yet. Wonder Woman is not famous among Heralds for her physicals. I'm quoting scans line for line and yet my analysis is biased? Just make a Wonder Woman vs Galactus thread instead. Quick question. Supergirl tends to be brash and quick to action, as we've seen her rush into situations time and time again, no matter the incarnation that we see. Even though Scarlet Witch doesn’t always have full control of her powers, she is still far more powerful than Wonder Woman, making her the likely victor in a standoff between the two. Okay, but where are you getting the idea that Wonder Woman used her physicals alone to beat Powergirl when Diana already sated they were evenly matched in physicals? Being born of a deity has also endowed her the ability to resist magic manipulation as well as project herself into various mythical realms. Without that, Wonder Woman would barely, if at all, be able to beat Supergirl. During the fight, She basically admitted to being slower than Barry by saying "I've never moved so fast--"... "I can feel my eyes, my muscles, my reactions all trying to keep up"... "who is this man? There's also the matter of Diana not being able to get through Magneto's shields. with her own diara, sword and clother he will be strangulating her until she is death. The answer here: Batman would get the help of Plastic Man to subdue Magneto. City-size? I just don't want to say you're a LIAR because maybe you just had a lot of liquor. Or the fact that out of desperation, you have shut out all of my arguments and are forcing yourself not to acknowledge my scans. Oh, this is getting hilarious. I'd be interested to hear what you have to say. He's a great poster @106me: and a casual comic reader and a less-knowledgeable WW fan would likely succumb to his arguments. Even casual comic fans are aware that Wonder Woman is one of the most powerful heroes out there. I've never seen Mags shields broken by force even when fighting Thor. Do you even know the context behind the fight? They are indestructible, so not gonna happen. If Wonder Woman is stronger than Galactus? If he knows, he's able to beat her since her bracalets are made of metal... Eric is severely outmatched in durability, combat speed hell even the strength to compete with pre & New-52 WW. What you've shown is basically like this: Batman actually had this harder, he had to move to avoid the ray gun in the 1st and 2nd scan and Dr. Light's blast in the 3rd scan. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Don't get me wrong, Wonder Woman is strong as well. Sure, as long as I have some spare time. Magneto who don't have superspeed and only has human durability against someone who is faster than thought and was shown lots and lots of times? Who's got the better force field, Juggernaut or Magneto? Psylocke who moves at speeds barely above Olympic level athletes could get the drop on Magneto while he's watching. then Magneto has no chance in hell. Really, Spider-Man’s only hope would be to capture or subdue Wonder Woman, though it is very likely that she is strong enough to rip through even the toughest of webbing.