While it is possible to save plants that have brittle or yellowing leaves from spider mites, your best chance at success is catching them as soon as their webs develop. Look no further than right here. Pepper spray: Pepper is another most useful ingredient to make a perfect solution. The warmer temperatures, rain, humidity and air circulation work wonders for plants. If you’re unsure of. Like scales, they suck on stem joints to weaken them over time. Giving your plants the proper amount of sunlight, water, and fertilizer is key to keeping them healthy and pest-free. If you’re reusing an old pot or planter, wash it with soapy water before repotting to ensure that any pests have been killed before adding your new plant. If you see any spider mites or aphids, use a commercially available insecticidal soap to spray all surfaces of the plant, including the underside of the leaves. Getting Rid Of Bugs In Plant Soil. This will get absorbed into the plant when you water, and will provide continued pest protection even after you bring your plants back indoors. Some pests, such as fungus gnats, are found in plant soil. Finish up with neem oil or an insecticidal soap to kill eggs and younger scales before they develop their hard shells. 6. When picking out a new houseplant, check the tops and bottoms of leaves, as well as stems and any flowers, for evidence of any pests. But you need to be virtually strong to see whether they are disturbing you and moving near to the food area. Dry soil kills larvae and also prevents new eggs from being laid. Then, carefully scrape off all of the visible adult scales with a fingernail, a brush, or even a blade. Fungus gnats are tiny bugs in houseplant soil, or flying around plants. These even transport the outdoor bugs inside and start residing in the house. Learn more on what we are doing for the safety of our team members & customers. Most. When you think your aphids are gone, continue spraying and examining your plant regularly for an additional week or two. Once a bug finds space to be in your house, they are found in basements, attics and even in the kitchen area. Be sure to smash them before disposing of them, so that they don’t return or lay further eggs. Scales are small, flat, brown bugs that slowly weaken your houseplants by sucking the sap from their stems and leaves. You can also apply a systemic houseplant insecticide into the soil of the plant and water it in. You can replace this soil with fresh soil or instead add a layer of fine sand instead. Place the interior plant in a position where the light falls and humidity is less. Neem oil is also effective. Home remedy for flying fungus gnats: Apply a solution of Bacillus thuringiensis var. Conclusion: To keep your house healthy, you need to keep your plant safe. There are a few different types of bugs that are often found in indoor house plants but first, and I tend to find them on my indoor hydroponic gardens quite often. Easy gnats in houseplants home remedies include spraying your plants down with Neem Oil or repotting the plant into fresh soil. This will help to force out any pests in the soil. Sometimes you can use insecticidal soap on the soil where the insect resides. Treating spider mites can truly test your patience. First, determine if you are dealing with fruit flies or fungus gnats. Always be sure to use the product per the manufacturer’s instructions on the label for safe usage. Separate it from all other plants. Take extra care to check on the underside of leaves, as mites often start their webs underneath the curling edges of leaves. First, cut back on your watering as much as your plant will allow. Fungus gnats are common houseplant bugs that live in and on the soil and feed on fungus. Use the above-mentioned processes to keep your house safe for a healthy living. You can also trap fungus gnats in a vinegar trap. Sign up for our newsletter. Can’t get better than that. To apply, sprinkle an inch of the mixture to the top of your potting soil. The granules will help to kill existing aphids and prevent them from coming back for up to two months. Fortunately, there is an easy remedy. 3. Debugging houseplants does not have to be complicated, but it is an important part of houseplant care. Required fields are marked *, Pro Garden Reviews is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. And then, they bring home one new plant, and suddenly find themselves with a huge infestation of spider mites or scales. When purchasing tropical plants, you can also sprinkle some systemic granules into the soil as a preventative measure to ensure there are no mealy bugs, fungus gnats, or aphids present. Bugs or any other insect do carry a lot of germs. Use the links below to skip through the article and learn. Your email address will not be published. The stem of the plants, roots and flowers are some more loved places of a bug. The granules will kill existing mealybugs as well as their eggs, and will prevent new infestations for up to two months. The adults have hard shells that make them difficult to kill with insecticidal soap or a blast of water. 5 Common Houseplant Pests (And How to Treat Them). Mealybugs can also hide under the soil, so dig up the top layer of soil and check. After trimming off any infected stems or branches, spray the entire plant down, first with water, and then with insecticidal soap or neem oil. Organic: These pests need organic matter to feed off and moist upper soil conditions. Even if you’ve inspected your new plant carefully, you should still consider quarantining it for a week or two once you get it home. Killing off any current infestations with natural moisture absorbing products like diatomaceous earth. Luckily, fungus gnats are relatively easy to eradicate. Pro Garden Reviews is reader-supported.