You start to undress! Blood On The Dance Floor lyrics - 202 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Candyland", "Yo Ho! Blood on the Dance Floor Lyrics: She got your number, ah / She know your game, ah / She put you under, ah / It's so insane, ah / Since you seduced her, ah / How does it feel? I know you want some more! It's fucking filthy feeding off the blood inside Dried out Veins and no more pain Let me know the place and I'll take you away Tonight We're not gonna hold back Make way for the freaks giving everybody heart attacks What you need Is just a little discipline And I got a heavy dose of the right medicine I'm dominant … When I text it's sex, sex, sex! (A Pirate's Life For Me)", "Call Me Master". Poppin' out your chest, In your friends' request. Blood is on the dance floor Blood is on the knife Susie got your number You know Susie says it's right Susie got your number Susie ain't your friend It's going down, baby Look who took you under She stuck seven inches in Blood is on the dance floor Blood is on the knife It's going down, baby Susie got your number Susie says it's right And you know I just can't stop, stop. Now I'm rocking on your top. Dress! Mix 'em all together and I would still be twice as bad.