Forming methods are discussed and include cutting, sawing, shearing, plasma cutting, blanking, punching, piercing, bending, drawing, … Forming and Fabrication Techniques for Stainless Steels. Stainless Steel Fabrication . Methods of stainless steel fabrication Perth engineers are typically using include CNC machining, welding, forming, pressing, bending, rolling, stitching and stamping. 11. The austenitic family of stainless steel, for example, has a hardening rate slightly higher than that of carbon steel and is a frequently used grade series in fabrication … Technique #1: Resistance Welding. For joining two sheets of stainless steel, few welding techniques … Follow these 7 tips to help you achieve the desired results and … It is also suitable for all other common metal fabrication techniques… • Can be extruded in simple shapes • 304 SS, least expensive 304L SS, most … Materials, Fabrication, Joint Design Page 2 Stainless Steel • High strength, moderate formability, excellent weldability. While stainless steel offers strength, long service life, and corrosion resistance, it can pose several challenges during the finishing process. Relative to other varieties of steel, stainless steel work hardens quickly, although the exact rate depends on the specific grade of the alloy. Today, the team here at Marlin Steel thought they’d share a few of their favorite/best sheet metal fabrication techniques with you!