Subscriber With a combination of affordable housing, thriving job markets, good public transportation, and an active community, these are the top 110 cities where millennials are putting down roots by purchasing a home. A recent city migration ranking from SmartAsset found millenials were moving to Southern and Western cities before the pandemic. And that’s true for where they want to live. However, it’s also one of the most expensive cities for millennials, which definitely hurt its ranking. Or a tip on how your town or community is handling the pandemic? Swedish people are just so happy it hurts. Because the government agency reports the data by age brackets, we took the shares in ages 20-39 because they are closest to Pew Research Center's cut off point for millennials. Let’s face it, being a millennial is tough on the pockets. Turns out, that's still found in some of America's biggest cities as well as their smaller neighboring cities — and a few up-and-coming destinations. The best city in the world for millennials in 2020 is Austin, Texas. However, tourism is strong and millennials seem to love the food culture here. Young people are more likely to engage with options that let them save money, manage it better, and invest it all online. As one of the friendliest cities in Europe, Birmingham scored high amongst millennials who wanted to enjoy a fairly liberal society in a town that didn’t feel too touristy. Offering great healthcare, somewhat decent job opportunities, and a peaceful setting, Nantes is one of the best cities for millennials who like to chill. The metro area also has one of the higher housing affordability scores, where about 79.5% of households spend less than 30% of their income on housing. 20. After attending Southern Illinois University, the now 24-year-old digital editor of the Riverfront Times ran into a problem a lot of millennials have: the daunting job search. Based on our list, cities throughout the Midwest, like those in Illinois and Iowa, are great cities for millennials to move to after the pandemic. Prior to that, Emma was the ultra-high net worth (UHNW) valuations subject matter expert at CEOWORLD magazine, mentoring research teams in valuations’ techniques, and was involved in product development for ultra high net worth (UHNW) and high net worth (HNW) dossier creation, currently heading research operations at the Global Business Policy Institute. Okay, maybe not herds, but it is popular in the world of millennial real estate. YES, I Want To Attend The FREE Webinar! Richard Barrington | Senior Financial Analyst, CFA. School-ranking website Niche recently looked at the best places for young professionals to live, defined as those ages 25 to 34. With city regulations, it ensures that the city remains vibrant without compromising on his history.". Utah also led the way (tied with Washington State) in broadband connectivity, with 90% of its population having a broadband connection. Account active Where Are the Best Places for Millennials to Live and Work? Perhaps one of the most socially open and progressive countries in the world, Canada’s famous amongst millennials in part due to Justin Trudeau’s flashy smile and eagerness to legalise weed. It ranks third to last in broadband connectivity and is also in the bottom ten for proportion of information and financial jobs. Vocativ, a digital media company, came out with its second annual "35 Best U.S. Cities For People 35 And Under" – a perfect guide that provides Millennials with the best locations to live and work. Millennials all over the world are finding more happiness in cities, studies show, as opposed to smaller, rural towns. Those working arrangements have proven to be so beneficial that they may become permanent in many cases. Residents of Mississippi, New Mexico and four other states are more than twice as likely as those in Utah and Washington to lack a broadband connection. The Best States for Young Adults - Complete List, Editorial Policy and Product Depending on the industry you work in, you can find great jobs in Monterrey. companies mentioned through advertising, affiliate programs or otherwise. Whatever they put in the water down in Texas sure is working on millennials. The city ranks highly among millennials who live there thanks to high salaries and an abundance of office snacks, according to Forbes. If you’re a digital nomad, however, this city is great! There’s little that Amsterdam doesn’t offer millennials, aside from cheap housing. Its chief shortcoming was ranking 40th for broadband connectivity. Among metro areas in the Midwest, Columbia has the ninth-shortest commute at two hours and 58 minutes. If you’re tired of living around crabby, uptight people, then move to Gothenburg, Sweden where they nearly had a perfect score for happiness and peace. Antwerp scored about near the middle for everything from housing and nightlife to gender equality and employment, making it a great, average city for millennials. On the down side, this may not be the best state if you want a career in finance or info tech. % of Households With Broadband Connection, Here are leading offers from other online banks. Columbus' cost of living is 11.1% lower than the US' cost of living. However, Toronto is home to an excellent startup scene. For new graduates and young workers entering the job market, now is a good time to think about where to put down roots - and this study can help identify where opportunity is knocking. However, it still scored high, especially in terms of acceptance and foodie scene. When she's not writing, you can find her exploring little hideouts in Colombia or watching photography tutorials on YouTube. job growth, total employment, cost of living, quality of life, fun index and affordability, Dallas beat out nearly every other city in America. This Midwest metro area has a large share of people who are at least 25 years old with high educational attainment at 48.4%. These cities usually offer better career opportunities, more chances to make friends or, Quality of Life, Peacefulness, & Happiness (, Data from millennial trends and preferences on Statista, The overall existing population of millennials in each city. When ranked for job growth, total employment, cost of living, quality of life, fun index and affordability, Dallas beat out nearly every other city in America. , it’s cheaper here than in other parts of Europe, and the city is extremely LGBT-friendly. If you’re not a digital nomad, then Bangkok might not be the place for you. By James Dennin. They may be more interested now in how much work flexibility job opportunities offer. This year, we looked beyond cost of living and affordable rent - though they remain central factors in the study - and considered other things that affect how someone lives, especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. ", One resident described Bellevue as "Seattle's fancier little sister.". If you just go by preconceived notions, North Dakota may not be one of the first places you think of as a great place for young adults. "The city cares about the citizens and makes a priority to advocate against unjust social actions, as well as accept a diverse community for all," one current resident wrote. Perhaps one of the more surprising points of attraction is that Nebraska has the fifth-highest proportion of finance- and information-sector jobs of any state.