You won't have any trouble with assembly, and it's quite lovely to finish it yourself. Both professionals and beginners will appreciate the fine finish of this beautiful DIY Hawaii Ukulele Kit that produces a magical sound. This is obvious, I know. The bolt-on maple neck and rosewood fretboard too are of premium quality, with the fretboard havingPearloid dot inlays. It comes with hardware made from heavy nickel plating for durability. Maple: Another popular wood that is used to create both the types of guitars. They manipulate the vibration of the strings so that you can make the stringed musical instrument “sing” like a real person with altered pitch at the end of a long note. This is found on most Ibanez designed stringed musical instruments and has a double locking design that is quite similar to the Floyd Rose. Paint it with all the hues and show off your creative streak as you decorate it to match your style. They may also not be easy to hold for long durations while playing at gigs, etc., due to which a shoulder strap is always advisable when using them. This is something that will give beginners and those who have never assembled a guitar before many sleepless nights, so make sure you buy one that is very easy to assemble without any complications. The MUSOO PROJECT P90 has a fingerboard that is made with rosewood for durability and good sound. Being customizable, this kit allows you to create a unique and different looking guitar, from those available in the market. It's a fun little project for yourself or a first-time uke player with a thirst for woodworking. The Fret Wire DIY Electric Guitar Kit 175 Jazz Style Guitar Kit - Editor's Pick. Find out about our Product Rating process and policies, BYO Guitar Carved Top Semi-Hollow Guitar Kit, 2. The predrilled body is made of Maple/Basswood and has been unfinished, so that you can design and colour it the way you want, for a beautiful personalized look. The DIY kit contains heavily nickel-plated hardware, cord, strings along with an easy to follow instruction manual, to help you with the assembly. The Solo ES Style guitar kit is our step-up pick, which comes with all the hardware needed and comes with a user’s manual. The Solo guitar 'build your own' is basically as good as any other. What are the Best DIY Acoustic Guitar Kits? The chrome hardware gives this guitar a stylish look, while the headstock is a blank peg in a head shape design with the tuning machine holes pre-drilled in it. The basswood body is unpolished so you can add your own polish to it. The best guitar kits also include a pickguard which protects the body of the guitars from any scratches that may be caused by the pick, while you are playing the guitar. It is a customizable bridge with a solid design and a string tension manipulator as well. Being wider than electric guitars these guitars may be a bit difficult to hold for beginners who have just started to learn and play the guitar. Why We Liked It - This electric guitar kit comes with everything you need. The kit includes a white pickguard and all the electronic parts and hardware parts required for easy assembly. An easy to assemble a kit for those who need a guitar for their practice sessions and gigs. A custom builds DIY guitar kit is a product that consists of several components of a basic guitar. It makes a good vibrato that is simple to pull through. The body is made with mahogany and it has a carve-out enclosure with a flame design. This is especially true for those who do not have a lot of experience with guitar building and it is their first time. You get six single-coil pickups, configuration for 12 and six strings, a 5-way toggle switch, volume and tone knobs, basswood body and maple neck. They are basically a do it yourself version of a guitar, in which you can assemble everything together. The body of this guitar is made of solid basswood similar to the one used in ready-to-use preassembled guitars, so what you get is a premium body build at a considerably lower price. Professional sounding guitar, with a comfortable hold for hours of continuous enjoyable play. It can be used for country music, jazz and various genres. Our step-up pick is the Solo ES Style guitar kit and it has a maple top with a nice wood cutting. The Innovative features like a Monkey Grip Handle and Floyd Rose Tremolo complement the unique customizable design of this guitar. The tuning pegs of the guitar are attached to the headstock and have the strings of the guitar attached to them. Pros: + Telecaster style + Maple neck + Spalted Maple top + Basswood body + Single-coil pickups, Cons: - Need to buy finish - Not the best for every style of music. Highly customizable for a sleek, stylish look, Instructions are not detailed and easy to follow, Each body part has been perfectly matched for ease of assembly and convenience, Professional and industry-grade high-quality hardware, Professional quality Bass Guitar kit, that produces the perfect notes, Same material as used in professional preassembled Guitars, The good quality wood grain used for the body, which is easy to paint and finish, Pre-wired electronics for convenience while assembling, Needs assembly instructions included in the pack, Good quality hardware, that meets the specifications laid down by the industry, Parts can be upgraded, if required with other branded-top end ones. You can definitely use it for Hawaiian music as well and it comes with all of the instruments needed for building. Showcase your individualistic style with a guitar that you can easily assemble and customize, thanks to the professional quality and build of this DIY Electric Guitar kit by The Fret Wire, a brand well known for producing great-sounding, highly durable and best guitar kits. Buying DIY guitar kits will give you a better understanding of the instrument. Other than the pre-drilled holes, everything is unfinished and needs a final touch of coating to give it the protection that the guitar needs. Here are their differences: Tremolo – this means a constant change or modulation of the volume or loudness of the musical instrument or sound source. Pros: + All components included + Budget-friendly + Easy to put together + Basswood body + Poly sealed, Cons: - Not the most reputable - Lots of parts to put together. Saga ST-10. With DIY guitar kit, you can design a guitar that is designed specifically for your playing style and ability. This affects the sound produced by the strings, while also being dangerous while playing with them, as you may cut your fingers on them. The FretWire 175 Jazz guitar kit is our pick for the best DIY guitar kit, which can be added with your own finish. It acts as an anchor to the strings and helps create the music when one strums the guitar. The Ammoon Ukelele DIY guitar kit is one of the best Uke kits you will find. It comes with a pre-drilled body and all the necessary hardware to put together. It comes with two single-coil pickups, which will give you a raw and punchy sound. Mahogany wood is used in guitars to produce a strong sound with high-end tones.