Your choice of product depends largely on the amount of alcohol that you want. Why choose our product? "": ";s"+screen.width+"*"+screen.height+"*"+(screen.colorDepth? Top Rated Best Alcohol Wipes For Skin Of 2020 They are specifically said to attack and remove influenza A2 and human virus from any surface, either hard or soft. Key Features• You can use it anywhere• It gives off a lovely lavender smell• Disinfects 99.9% of germs from any surface.• 100% environmentally friendly (It decomposes.). You can buy their alcohol wipes within a range of RM4.90 to RM13.80 here. Two truths: your baby wants to touch everything and everyone wants to touch your baby. Our alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer is a must have around irresistible babies. All rights reserved. Instead, you might consider individually-packaged wipes that can be used as needed, and these varieties are especially convenient to put in a briefcase or purse. It is saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol for antiseptic skin injection.Alcohol wipes are most commonly used to clean the skin prior to an injection or drawing blood. The alcohol pads have a four layer wrap that allows for a airtight seal, preventing the pad from becoming dry and ... [Read More]. All Rights Reserved. Besides this, the wipes are larger and easy to use for disinfecting the skin. For effective disinfection, always think of getting the ideal alcohol wipes that will provide up to 99.9% of disinfection. document.write("