This is certainly not the grand duke of guitars. Overall, it’s a very different experience and the Gibson/Epiphone QA is evident in the top-notch craftsmanship and finish. The quality of these guitars are unmatched in this price point. It has an instantly recognizable tone that you have heard on countless hit records. However, louder doesn’t always mean better. Aside from the guitar, the package includes a gig bag, tuner, spare strings, picks, strap and an instructional DVD to get you started. The other accessories in the bundle like the cable, tuner, strap and plectrums are all standard quality. #guita, Black guard or white? It also sports a clean/drive attenuator button and power on/off switch with an LED indicator. In trying to meet the needs of a wider variety of guitarists who are just beginning their journey on this path, Yamaha has chosen to offer this particular package for not just beginners but young guitarist as well as females. The only drawback is that the amplifier taps out at 3watts, but you can write that off as being kind to your neighbors. When it comes to guitar manufacturers and brands, Fender ranks right up there with only the very best. The LyxPro 39” electric guitar has a Canadian maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard and standard dot inlays. . Read our full review here. You will only get a clip-on tuner and a stand with this pack, so you should be willing to invest in some additional accessories. Many people want to explore an instrument out of curiosity, not certain if they will continue or move on. The tone is reasonable and the volume is sufficient for individual practice but it isn’t as loud and powerful as other amps in this list. In addition, Fender has thrown in some free online lessons to sweeten the deal. Here is a list of the top acoustic guitar kits for beginners to learn how to play guitar and start rocking in no time! This is a great way to start learning to play the guitar. This doesn’t entirely reflect the package in other’s eyes, as many people have differing opinions on everything from politics (yes, very much so) to guitars (believe it or not, they are debated just as much). Also, props to Donner for offering a Left-Handed version for the southpaws, which as any left-handed guitarist will tell you, is rarer than you think. The included accessories such as the gig bag, guitar strap, capo etc are all of above-average quality. Look at the list and you will see that everything you need to get started is right there. This is an affordable product with reasonable quality for the price. The cable, tuner, guitar strap and capo (all black) are also well-constructed and should pose no problems for beginners or intermediate players. If you’ve listened to Enrique Iglesias’ “Bailando” and you loved the Spanish guitar at the beginning and the groove of the entire music, then you are likely to appreciate what this brand is all about. LyxPro may not have the brand recognition of Fender or Epiphone, but they offer a highly affordable all-in-one electric guitar starter pack. Instead, our evaluation will focus mainly on the performance of the electric guitar and amplifier – the two important components of the kit. This guitar requires that the owner purchases some additional accessories like tuner, gig bag etc. Verdict: We felt the need to include more brands that offer value and affordability but with so many big-names ‘pyle-ing’ on them, it’s a tough crowd to go up against in terms of tone or playability. It’s Fender again and since we all already know what Fender stands for and what they can offer, we will go straight into this particular pack. Everything you need to play for the next few months is included. It isn’t a kit, but it still includes the main thing you need to get playing: The acoustic guitar! The amp is reasonable for the price and handles clean and distorted tones well at low-to-moderate volume. The 10watt Pyle Guitar amplifier has master volume, bass and treble knobs with headphone input. We are a participant in several affiliate programs including but not limited to the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Good luck. You should get it. The LyxPro clip-on tuner and gig bag felt a little underwhelming and flimsy compared to other products that we reviewed. The electronics feature three single coil pickups with the volume/tone knobs and a 3-way pickup selector. The Pyle Pro PEGKT14R is a beginner package that can be a good first-step if you’ve never owned an electric guitar. Get your Starter Guitar for beginners from our specialist store. This guitar is made with a basswood body, basswood top, and basswood sides, a maple neck, and a rosewood fret board with twenty-one frets (the most common acoustic fret amount, in case you are wondering). A Pocket-friendly option, also available in left-handed version! Unlike the previous bundle, this bundle comes with a clip-on tuner which can help you stay consistently in tune as you can always monitor how in tune your strings are even as you play. It comes with an electronic tuner, gig bag, extra strings, picks, straps and even chord charts. The intonation and action need some work before you start playing seriously, but it plays okay out of the box. It also has an input for headphones but you will need a 6.5mm convertor to plug in standard 3.5 mm headphones jacks. Honestly, it won’t get any better if you look for something cheaper because any further compromise in component quality will really tarnish your playing experience. Read our full review of the Donner DST-102 here. However, they do not offer as many items as other packs. For one, it’s harder to get distracted with a book. The good news is that all variants of the LyxPro electric guitar starter bundle are available in left-handed models. It is therefore best for anyone who already owns some of these accessories or does not mind spending a little extra getting them. They have managed to excel at whatever they ventured into, music not being the least of them. Instead, it has the old skool ‘pitch pipe’ tuner, which will take some getting used to.