Misterio resulto: Bernd Doppler es el papá de Regina, ahí se entiende porque Claudia queda a cargo de la planta nuclear y porque rechazaba a Helge. Then the scene immediately cuts to Noah standing outside of Winden's church. It's not until season two that the Apocalypse is mentioned again and again, referencing the explosion that happens at the nuclear power plant when Clausen has the radioactive barrels opened. "Is this the apocalypse?" Adam likely considers himself to be something akin to a fallen angel — once devoted to Claudia and saving Martha, he's eventually turned to the philosophy that his world (and Martha's) must end. Ozark boss talks that explosive season three ending, When is Dark season 3 on Netflix? Chapter One: Claudia & Regina having mother-daughter quarrels over this new handsome co-worker, bad grades & an awful dress. While she regrets this when young Helge goes missing (because of Ulrich) for almost 6 months, she goes back to her cold ways with her son. This radio report was our first hint about that loophole. There isn't only up and down. He is Jonas Kahnwald’s best friend at school before starting to date Martha while Jonas is not around. The link also means that Jonas, who is romantically involved with Martha Nielsen, is actually her nephew. In one of the season one scenes that takes place in 1986, Tannhaus explains black holes to Jonas. Thanks! They'll both later learn that Mikkel is actually Jonas' father, which makes this small misunderstanding much more meaningful upon a rewatch. Netflix's German original drama series "Dark" came to an end on June 27, 2020. Hannah asked Ulrich. The thread, red like blood, that cleaves together all our deeds. But he does tell Jonas that he represents "everyone's end. After Katharina smells Ulrich's sweatshirt, suspecting his affair, the camera zooms in briefly on the wall behind her. But the creation of that device created a corrupted set of twin worlds: Martha's world and Jonas' world, which in turn created the Adam and Eva personas of Jonas and Martha. Whatever happens, expect Dark season 3 to add more confusing dots and dashes in and around the family tree before we reach some form of end… or is it the beginning? In season three, just before the other Martha enters the Erit Lux headquarters and kills Jonas, Eva repeats a very similar lesson. It wasn't until the season two finale that we watched as Adam shot Martha, and she died in the younger Jonas' arms in the exact place in the dining room. Egon is usually busy with his police work, while Doris strikes up a love affair with Agnes Nielson, currently living in the Tiedemann upon her arrival to Winden. In the above shot, you can briefly see that "Mino Tauros" is the company's name. She has a daughter, Regina, but the father is not known. The Kahnwalds may be the smallest family, but they pack a punch, with so many storylines floating in and around their cluster. Black, white. In Martha's Ariadne monologue, she speaks about her mother and how Theseus left her. I think a lot of you are misunderstanding the scene between young Claudia and Bernd Doppler. We've rewatched every episode to uncover some of the best foreshadowing and other details or references fans might have missed the first time around. "A French team of scientists believes it possible that our world stood still for a fraction of a nanosecond on June 27, possibly causing the divergence of tidal forces.". In the final scene, a photograph is shown hanging on the wall with Claudia, Regina and Bernd Doppler together as a family. It not only lets people travel to any year they want — not just 33 years backwards or forwards — but to the other worlds. So the repetition begins at an imaginary center point and branches off in two opposing directions.". Magnus and Franziska see the ad in the season one finale, when all the electricity is going haywire because adult-Jonas is creating the wormhole inside the cave passageway. Good, evil. Faust trades his soul for knowledge and power, a story that has parallels to Bartosz and Noah in seasons one and two. It's not until halfway through season three that we learn about the origin, also called the Unknown: Martha and Jonas' child who goes on to father Tronte Nielsen and the entire corrupted family tree in both worlds. Peter and Charlotte have two daughters – Franziska and Elisabeth. The number 24 might be there to signify Matthew 24 from the New Testament, in which Jesus warns them of "the destruction of the temple and signs of the end times." Yours ends here and now.". "Trust me, it's not what you're expecting." "What we know is a drop," he tells her, quoting Isaac Newton. The statue group is based on a Greek myth and it's notable for the masterful conveyance of agony and grief. Franziska is Charlotte’s daughter and aunt. As he's speaking, Franziska passes by the infinity symbol drawn on a chalkboard. "Loss of naivete, loss of innocence, and loss of life.". Fans of the show know that every space will be filled eventually, and that nobody is related to anyone else by sheer chance, everything is connected. If fans were wondering what movie that was from, the line is spoken by Allison (played by Ally Sheedy) in the 1985 movie"The Breakfast Club." So who was? The gun then eventually made its way to the Sic Mundus group, where Noah eventually tried to use it to kill Adam. Misunderstanding Bernd Doppler - Season 3. spoiler. The mention of their world being a simulation all the way back in the pilot episode was great foreshadowing of the multiple-worlds reveal that happens in the season two finale. The Kilian in Jonas' world didn't appear other than the single play scene, but both young men are played by the same actor (Sammy Scheuritzel). The implications of this can be considered pretty damn disturbing, which explains why it remained a mystery for such a long time. But by season three, we understood that Jonas didn't exist in the second world, Martha's world, and Claudia had spent a lot of time there. We saw that the Unknown was used by Martha to maintain the cycle, which means he was probably the one to write to Clausen and ensure that the power place was investigated. Rewatching season one, it's neat to hear this small nod to the bigger story around the church and time travelers mentioned. The triptych is also emblematic of the 33-year cycle the mirror worlds are trapped in. takes place after the dinner scene in the last episode. Everything appears as opposite pairs. Years and years later, that necklace would be found by Jonas, and eventually gifted back to Martha — Helene's granddaughter and Hannah's great-great-great-great-granddaughter (since Hannah's daughter Silja eventually led to the Nielsen line). "Do you think he had a secret?" At the time, this gesture was a mystery. They develop a rivalry over Martha, while Bartosz is recruited by Noah to assist in the ongoing time war with Adam. Later in season one, which H.G. ". "The repetition is mirrored along a central axis. Among Tannhaus' dusty objects was a book about Hermeticism (the philosophy connected to the phrase "Sic Mundus Creatus Est") as well as the picture book above. He is known to have been seeing prostitute Benni, though the couple attempt to keep the disharmony hidden. Since the episodes dropped, a number of fans have flocked to Twitter to offer their thoughts. Elisabeth is Charlotte’s mother and daughter. The 1984 song "Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann" by Nena is first heard at the end of the pilot episode, but it's recurring throughout "Dark.". In Martha's world, the cut is on her right cheek. In Martha's world, this scene takes place in 2019. My take on how Regina & Aleksander could've meet. Decades later, Jonas found that necklace and Martha put it on a chain for him. But when she travels to Jonas' world, it's on her left. When Hannah first traveled back to the 1950s, she met Egon and told him her name was Katharina Nielsen. Jonas in turn then uses the quote to convince Marek that he should turn back from the bridge, thus saving his life. There's also a ticket stub that says "HELGE" in red lettering. Original World, in the 80s. Of course, we have memes too! In the Book of Revelation from the New Testament, the archangel Michael leads a war against Satan. Tronte and Jana’s son Ulrich begins his rebellious streak during his teenage years. At the time, we didn't know she was talking about Tannhaus. The poster behind Martha in the above scene was the very first hint at this ongoing theme.