The lady told me that my number was entered in a web site for people requesting mortgage quotes. t our company, nor are they affiliated with us in any form. Our advisors only contact those individuals by phone who have either been referred to us personally or sent a request to be contacted. I want to join this lawsuit as well they lied and told me there were no fees. I screen all my calls. There are numerous call centers in these countries who are trying to connect with insurance agents on LinkedIn to use their services. Either way, home advisor disregarded my requests to cancel my service and then sent me to collections because they wanted all the money up front. 6 Answers. I have been told that I would get my refund back if it had not been 90 days now I am being told it would have to be 72 hours. for thousands of dollars, they dont want to give me credit for bad leads. Thus, because of the HUGE amount of back links from contractors of every field, HA’s landing pages get top positions in Google. To get started sign-up today! I want by money back. this has been ongoing for over a month. Ive been scammed by home advisor. I can be contacted through my Email. That's what I thought. John Wallace owner of 4 Aces Construction please add me to the lawsuit , 509-370-9295 , ,, thank you home advisor lied and my discover card back billed them , they sent me a letter and said its going to collection 5 days ago , and i just looked on , they just ran the membership fee back thru again ,and at the same time say i owe it and are fwding to collection !! HomeAdvisor called me multiple times a day soliciting me I finally listened to what they had to say they offered me $288 for the year and that I would get this that and the other thing and that I did not have to take leads because I don’t want leads I don’t lower my prices because my prices are the lowest they said no problem offered me multiple things to get me to sign then none of it was true bogus sales tactics now turn me over to collections to collect money from me and I get nothing in return sounds like a scam if you ask me. Always know that our advisors do not ‘Cold Call’ consumers. I loose a lot of money with HomeAdvisor. She apologized and said she would delete my number out of the system and I did not get any more calls. The way homeowners search & find (roofing) contractors is by googling them. I can go in about the different scans that they do that it’s to much to type. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The leads provided were all fake names and addresses. Let’s all sue them. Your email address will not be published. similar situation with me. You can't block them because they change the last 4 digits of the number they're calling from every time. After signing up, paying the membership fee, filling out the types of jobs/work, I listed things such as painting, flooring, kitchen/bath remodeling and so on as well as my coverage area, that area being within my county, well I started getting leads from so called customers as far away as 100 miles. These leads will always be FREE (as in we will never charge a fee for leads, ever)! Hi My name Paul. I was signed up for an exact match program which I received a voicemail stating that I shouldn’t have been. One big of their big scams is using a contractor’s company name and information to build links back to their own website. However, in September 2012, they decided to rebrand their domain name into Home Advisor. This service is what I call “Ethical Leads”.