By paulsmith2050, April 10, 2012 in Form and Technique. You saved me a crazy amount of time, a ton of money, unnecessary pain, and destroyed my #1 source of anxiety. Kratom is next! When it comes to genetics in bodybuilding, some are obviously more desirable than others. -3X. Please check your email and confirm the newsletter subscription. Thanks! paulsmith2050 0 paulsmith2050 0 Newbie Trainer; Members - Verified; 0 11 posts; Posted April 10, 2012. What about pectoral/chest muscles? Nothing contained within forum is the advice, opinion or otherwise the view of any host, owner, server or other provider of services to or of itself. Genetics: The good, the bad, and the scrawny. Can't talk to girls, should I quit trying to talk to them? It was directed at Feros, who said genetics determine the actual number of abs. yeah i have a lagging chest too. I've been training for about 3 and half years now with good gains as i was only 9 stone to start with and now have reach about 12 st 10lbs..... my shoulders, back, arms and … thats not bad chest genetics, he just has unfortunate insertions. There was not much gap when I started, but as I began … My chest was lagging behind my other muscles, so I started throwing in a few sets of wide grip bench presses on non-chest days and my chest began to even out with the rest of my body. Okay so I know for a while already that I have bad chest genetics. One of the simplest ways of looking at this is by assessing the three primary body types. Anyways dude you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. I would say 90% of the time bad genetics is when a bodybuilders legs are too small. There's no such thing as a bodybuilder with bad genetics. The majority of your successes and failures are the result of factors that you don’t control, namely genetics and natural laws. The reason for this is because many young bodybuilders early on in their career, fall into the “ Chest , Bis” trap. But recently I noticed that those genetics were starting to show more -> chest getting bigger. In general, anything that takes away from the 'V' shape of the standard mesomorph tends not to look all that awesome. Genes control every aspect of the cardiovascular system, from the strength of the blood vessels to the way cells in the heart communicate. -3X, Phil is in competition physique here, super low BF% and still only has a 6 pack, My comment- my initial comment- wasn't directed at you. If you have bad chest genetics, and your chest progress seems to lag behind the rest of your muscles, then this is especially important. Nothing stated shall be construed to serve as a replacement for competent advice from professionals. srs what does a bodybuilder with bad genetics look like aNy one have any names pics or something? No sugarcoats. Genetics is a popular scapegoat for lazy people. Thank you! 10. You're focusing on something you can't control-your genetics. How can I myself achieve sexy? i was told to incorporate db bench press in as an accessory and am seeing how that goes. Also, if you don't know, don't act as if you do. Disagree entirely with there being no such thing as bad genetics for BBing/aesthetics. It's nearly impossible to see all ten, but water retention, body fat, and individual genetics play a role in how they appear. Recommended Posts. I’ve been working out for over 10 months now, and my routine focuses on the upper body a lot. 10. A genetic variation (mutation) in a single gene can affect the likelihood of developing heart disease. There are clinically 10 distinct separations- not 4, not 6, not 8. Nothing contained within the site is the advice, opinion or otherwise the view of any host, owner, server or other provider of services to Good Looking Loser. Genetics doesn't change this. Character is forged under the iron and hammer. It did. I don't recommend anything that I have not used personally or believe in. (Bald guy). We are all fighting for better physiques, but only a handful of us have been born to excel at this bodybuilding game. In 2014-2017 - I've been here for a while. (and bad abs genetics, but that's not as visible yet). Your chest doesn't look particularly imbalanced compared to the rest of your body. But off late, I have seen that the gap between the two pectorals has been widening. Although they’re not a concrete outline of every individual, many of us fall into one category. I bench 315 for a couple of reps with decent form and my chest … Sports medicine research shows that performing two to three sets of weight Training exercise consisting of eight to twelve reps each is effective for people of all body types. Not in a billion years. Bodybuilders lift and eat and sprint and don't whine about their genetics. To anyone reading this, follow through, read this material, APPLY this material, and enjoy life. -3X, You've got to be kidding me. Yet they shape your entire destiny. Thread starter max rivera Start date Jul 20, 2020; max rivera Member. We already have "aesthetic" comps. You're a lean, fit dude, so enjoy it and just keep up the work and get muscle all over your body. Jul 20, 2020 #1 I need some honest opinion. comment 26220 - "How to Pickup Girls if You Are Nervous... (Nervous Guy Game)", © Bad genetics is just an excuse that weak people with poor discipline make to explain why they can't achieve goal that they don't set. You must enable the Unknown sources setting before you can install the app on Android. The abs are one long muscle, designed to curl the torso, the 'separations' or what makes the lines in the abdominal muscle is the connective tissue band. Just because you are cursed with bad Genetics does not mean you cannot have well-developed chest muscles. DESTROYED IT. They usually do not match the upper body. -3X. All contents herein is subject to our General Disclaimer and Medical Disclaimer. Sure you would look better if you gained some more muscle, but I wouldn't completely disregard a body part because you think it looks ugly. Nothing stated shall be construed to serve as a replacement for competent advice from professionals. So I was thinking, I know 8packs are totally genetic-based. PUSSY: a renewable, local, natural resource. Affiliate Disclosure: At absolutely no expense to you, if you make a purchase, we may receive commissions from some links on this website. If you stop training chest you will just look disproportionate. Bad Chest Genetics and Bodybuilding. It did. Can you SHAPE them into the size you want by working specific parts of it more than the other (ie: incline bench vs decline vs flat bench presses for upper lower inner...) or specific movements etc? You either have them or don't. Hnando private msg quote post Address this user. Thanks again Chris, life would suck without you. Disagree entirely with there being no such thing as bad genetics for BBing/aesthetics. Genetics can influence the risk for heart disease in many ways. Every person on this planet has the same structural abdominal muscles. Go into any gym (especially on a Monday), and try to get a bench to train chest . FWIW, genetics have nothing to do with number of abs. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Your chest looks good,dont talk shit. Everyone has the same number of abs. each small part of the abdominal contracts to the band, so by having the connective tissue there is much more range of motion and the muscle is more efficient.