Refills & Pods. Nicotine Consumption via Vaping. 3MG Nicotine E-Juice are more popular. Internationally it is sold in 96 countries and has won more than 40 international awards. For promotion Terms & Conditions, click here. However, differences in devices and the rate at which you vaping a set amount of e-liquid, lead to big differences in how the nicotine is transferred to your body. willminch Beard Vape Co. - #32 Cinnamon Funnel ... in Bomb Sauce eLiquid and vape juice. Departments . DIY couldn't be simpler! WARNING: This product contains nicotine. We never include synthetic chemicals or additives. Choose from a wide range of vape juice (e-liquid) from around the world. Quality is always our top priority. Then, you can work your way down toward the 3mg nic level and eventually no nic liquids. WARNING: These products can expose you to chemicals including acetaldehyde and/or formaldehyde, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. 0. All Rights Reserved. Heavy smokers usually use consume higher nicotine juices. 1.855.698.7110 7 am-5 pm PST / M-F Click here to visit our Help Center. E-Liquid - Nick's Blissful Brews Blueberry Peach Yogurt E-Juice Flavor, Loop Ninja E-Liquid - Nick's Blissful Brews Fruity Cereal E-Juice Flavor (30ml), $8 Random E-Liquid Cheap Vape Juice Deal w/ Nicotine or No Nicotine (+80ml), Thai Boba E-Juice - Bubble Iced Tea Pearl Milk E-Liquid (60ml), Poke Cake E-Juice by Lazy Llama E-Liquid (60ml), Thai Dream by D'nish E-Juice - Lemongrass Cake E-Liquid (60ml), Churro Cabra by D'nish E-Juice - Horchata Churro E-Liquid (60ml), O'asis by D'nish E-Juice - Pear Hibiscus E-Liquid (60ml), Patches E-Liquid - Pumpkin Spice E-Juice (60ml), Jason's Black Blueberry Cobbler E-Juice by Namesake Elixir E-Liquid (60ml), Grandpa Ray's Pistachio Party E-Juice by Namesake Elixir E-Liquid (60ml), Uncle Bill's Strawberry Surprise E-Juice by Namesake Elixir E-Liquid (60ml), Aunt Helen's Lemon Cupcake E-Juice by Namesake Elixir E-Liquid (60ml), Fukiya E-Liquid - Apple Strawberry E-Juice by Ninja Sauce (30ml), Katana E-Liquid - Watermelon Strawberry Kiwi E-Juice by Ninja Sauce (30ml), Kakute E-Liquid - Mango Peach Pear E-Juice by Ninja Sauce (30ml), Yakuza E-Liquid - Ultra Fruity E-Juice by Ninja Sauce (30ml), Shuriken E-Liquid - Banana Bread E-Juice by Ninja Sauce (30ml), Kunai E-Liquid - Pear Berry E-Juice by Ninja Sauce (30ml), Dim Mak E-Liquid - Peach Hibiscus E-Juice by Ninja Sauce (30ml), La Cucaracha - Strawberry Horchata E-Juice by Drip Star E-Liquid (30ml), City Slicker - Orange Glaze Cinnamon Roll E-Juice by Drip Star E-Liquid (30ml), Monica's Melody - Honeydew Marshmallow E-Juice by Drip Star E-Liquid (30ml), Buddha Spit - Creamy Fruit E-Juice by Drip Star E-Liquid (30ml), Krispy Hippie - Marshmallow Rice Treat E-Juice by Drip Star E-Liquid (30ml), Unicorn Poop - Rainbow Sherbet E-Juice by Drip Star E-Liquid (30ml), Johnny Waffle - Banana Cream Waffle E-Juice by Drip Star E-Liquid (30ml), Politically Correct - Watermelon Menthol E-Juice by Drip Star E-Liquid (30ml), Bad Hare Day - Vanilla Custard E-Juice by Drip Star E-Liquid (30ml), Red, White & Blue Fantastic - Berries & Cream E-Juice of Thee Fantastic (100ml), Mosura E-Juice by Fu Man Brews (Strawberry Watermelon Lime Juice), Tokyo Banana E-Juice by Fu Man Brews (Creamy Tropical Banana), Sake Swish E-Juice by Fu Man Brews (Sweet Oriental Tobacco), The Coast E-Liquid by Dripped Life - Citrus Cooler E-Juice (30ml), Riptide E-Liquid by Dripped Life - Sweet+Tart Grape E-Juice (30ml), Miss-Twist E-Liquid by Dripped Life - Creamy Berry E-Juice (30ml), Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. Home 3mg Nicotine e-Liquid: Save on 3mg nic level juice. 3mg nicotine e-liquids are available in 10ml TPD bottles, offering a mild throat hit. Vape Kits. This is awesome! Picture this: Jumping into your hoopty, firm grip on your Broke Dick vape juice, ridin’ low, sound on high, sendin’ winks out to every tight whip passin’ you by.